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Bridal showers continue to celebrate the union

by:KingKonree     2020-06-05
During your meeting, you may learn the couple loves sun bathing in the sun while sipping on cool beverages. Therefore, you may consider a beach-theme shower. Now you need to decide how to make it all come together perfectly. To make the shower appear more beach-like, see the how-to-use list below: Invitations - Start by making a guest list for sending your bridal shower invitations. You can either purchase them or create them yourself using pictures of the beach, the sun, or other beach-related ideas whether hand-made or printed straight from a computer. Mail or deliver the invitations about three weeks prior allowing guests to check their schedules and reply via RSVP. Sending them too early may allow them to forget in result of losing their invitation or busy schedules. Decorations - Accent the party area by hanging up leis, placing centerpieces or grass skirts on tables, or setting beach chairs with beach towels in the back yard. Also, other items that can decorate an area are beach balls, sunhats, seashells, umbrellas, or buckets and containers of sand. Food - Keep guests satisfied by offering delicious food that is either catered or prepared in your own kitchen such as a ham with pineapple. If you decide on desserts or appetizers, you can offer a beach-themed cake, cupcakes, or ice cream cupcakes that look like a sunset, a beach ball, or palm/coconut trees. In addition, serve colorful, ice creams such as Superman and birthday cake. If serving appetizers, buy or create a relish tray of meats, fruits, and vegetables. If possible, gather or buy coconuts, cut them open, and insert a straw and umbrella for delicious, coconut milk. When choosing food options, take into consideration guests who may be diabetic or trying to lose weight. Entertainment - Consider playing reggae or any form of beach music to set the theme and mood. If the bridal shower is hosted outside, weather permitting, you may try setting up a volley ball net out back to help keep guests entertained in addition to or instead of the traditional charades, guessing, or board games. Party Gifts - Upon arrival, place leis around their necks and flowers on their shirt or in their hair. Upon their departure, show guests your appreciation by handing out beach-themed gift bags with special treats inside. Be sure to thank them for coming while handing out the party gifts. The preceding list detailed some how-to-use ideas you may find useful for the shower and possibly again for the wedding. Weddings are elegant but can be expensive. So, do your best when planning a bridal shower. A beach-themed shower, as with any other, can be as detailed as you want, but it doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Regardless of what theme you choose, be sure it is what you desire and what they deserve. These ideas can assist you through the planning and preparation stages. By providing the how-to list, you already have the first stage accomplished. Now, you can focus on the preparation stage in gathering the items and displaying them. For additional ideas, research online for ideas posted by experts and experienced event planners.
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