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British Columbia is especially known for offering

by:KingKonree     2020-07-07
Nanaimo is of course a wonderful city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The city is also known as the 'Bathtub Racing Capital of the World' and 'Harbour City'. There are many who also dub it by the name of the 'Hub City' because of its central location on Vancouver Island and due to the layout of the downtown streets which form a 'hub' pattern. The city is also sometimes referred to as the 'Hub, Tub, and Pub City' because of its association with the bathtub racing and the various many 'watering holes' in Old Nanaimo. Insulated from the hustle and bustle of an urban environment, Nanaimo is a town that is worth considering retiring to. Nanaimo has many of the amenities found in a medium to large Canadian town, and anything else can be found within Vancouver. Because Nanaimo is a fair distance from Vancouver, the cost of housing is not as expensive as it is in most of the Lower Mainland. Nanaimo is approximately 110 km northwest of Victoria, and 55 km west of Vancouver, separated by the Strait of Georgia, and linked to Vancouver through the Horseshoe Bay BC Ferries terminal in West Vancouver. It is the gateway to a range of destinations both on the island-Campbell River, Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park, Comox Valley, Port Alberni, Tofino - and off its coast - Gabriola Island, Protection Island, Newcastle Island, Valdes Island, and many other of the Gulf Islands. Nanaimo has a population of around 78,692 and is a city that is very much connected with its past as a farming town, and this shows in the town's culture and characteristics. While Nanaimo doesn't have the large population of seniors that Victoria has, there are still enough to ensure that there are plenty of services available in the area that seniors might demand. These days, a sheer number of seniors choose Nanaimo as a retirement destination because of the town's quiet, charming characteristics, proximity to Vancouver, and mild west coast weather. As Nanaimo is an ultimate retirement destination there are a number of assisted retirement homes in Nanaimo. And the main thing is that finding out a community of fellow retirees should not be difficult either considering the popularity of the destination.
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