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Building materials to buy bathtub articles: how much do you know about the function of bathtub material

by:KingKonree     2021-05-15

For the home-stay women who often don’t visit the building materials market, what should I do when buying a bathtub when decorating the family bathroom? Do you know the material of the bathtub? Do you know how to buy the most popular jacuzzi in the market Is it okay, today I will share with you the mystery of the bathtub SPA.

In many home decorations, bathtubs are not a must-buy building material product. Maybe it's because the bathroom is small, maybe it's not a habit to take a bath, or maybe it's too troublesome to clean the bathtub. However, as a relaxing lifestyle, home SPA is becoming more and more popular. The bathtub no longer only satisfies the bathing function, lighting a few scented candles, sprinkling a few rose petals, and playing a few slow light music, the bathtub becomes the best place for home SPA.

Different bathtub materials have different characteristics

The bathtub material is not only ceramic: Is the bathtub material mainly ceramic? Many white bathtubs look and feel like ceramics. In fact it is not ceramic. Due to the bulky, fragile, and difficult to clean ceramic material, it has been gradually eliminated from the bathtub material. The mainstream bathtub materials are acrylic, cast iron enamel, steel plate enamel, etc.

Acrylic material: easy to shape, it is the most common bathtub material. Due to the material characteristics, the acrylic surface feels warm to the touch, without the feeling of coldness; coupled with good heat preservation, slow heat dissipation, and a longer water temperature maintenance time. The cost of acrylic material is relatively cheap, but the disadvantage is that the general acrylic material has poor dirt resistance (some acrylic materials with special technology have strong self-cleaning ability and are no longer so easy to get dirty, but relatively more expensive), and they are easy to wear, so Need to be cleaned frequently.

Cast iron bathtub: It is a relatively traditional bathtub material, and many retro-style, independent bathtubs often use this material. The cast iron material is not as cold as it sounds, and its surface is generally plated with enamel, and the texture is similar to that of ceramics. Due to the characteristics of the material itself, the cast iron bathtub is thick, high-end, and relatively poor in heat preservation. The steel bathtub is formed by steel plate and then plated with a thick enamel layer. Like the enamel layer of cast iron bathtub, it is easy to clean, not easy to get dirty, and the cost is cheaper.

Wooden tub bathtub: Some health-preserving bathtubs will choose solid wood materials, such as cedar, cypress and other bathtubs. After a special polishing and polishing process, the solid wood bathtub will not only not leak water, but also easy to clean. It will also emit a faint fragrance of solid wood. This classical way of bathing is favored by health enthusiasts.

Massage bathtub of the bathtub function upgrade product

Since the function of the bathtub is more and more out of the demand for cleanliness, it is moving towards the level of relaxation and enjoyment. If you are more interested in bathing quality, you can choose a massage bathtub.

Most of the massage bathtubs are made of acrylic material, and the massage effect is achieved by spraying water. The nozzles of general massage bathtubs are mainly aimed at the back, soles, and sides of the body. The soft and powerful water column achieves the effect of relaxing the body and mind. Some bathtubs have more massage points, and some have fewer massage points. This depends on individual needs. There are many styles of jacuzzi, in addition to the traditional rectangular parallelepiped, there are triangles on both sides against the wall, and irregular styles. These are also factors that need to be selected according to personal needs.

When buying a jacuzzi, one important point that cannot be ignored is to listen to the sound of the jacuzzi. Since the water spray of the massage bathtub is activated by a motor, a certain noise will be made when the massage function is activated. Except for some high-end products, many styles have relatively loud noise, which is a negative factor for relaxation. **Have heard the sound of the bathtub live, choose the style that can accept the noise.

The bathtub can relax our bodies when we are tired from get off work. The bathtub allows the newly married couple to experience a romantic feeling. The bathtub allows children to play as much as they want. You must be cautious when buying such a multifunctional bathtub.

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