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Buy high-quality sanitary ware, water-saving and beautiful

by:KingKonree     2021-05-08

1. The color should be consistent with the grade.

The colors of the four major parts of sanitary ware such as face wash, toilet, bathtub or added bidet must be consistent, and the grade must be coordinated with the color of the floor tiles and wall tiles of the bathroom. Generally, the color of the sanitary ware in the bathroom is similar to or slightly lighter than that of the floor tiles. The basin faucet and the bathtub triple faucet should choose the same brand and the same style to appear more coordinated. It is best to choose a single-handle ceramic core for the faucet, because the faucet of the ceramic valve core is more durable than the rubber core and does not leak water.

2. Must be consistent with the drain.

Before choosing a toilet, it is necessary to figure out whether the reserved drain in the bathroom is downward or horizontal drainage. If it is draining, measure the distance from the center of the drain to the wall, and then choose a toilet of the same distance, otherwise it cannot be installed; if it is drained horizontally, find out the height of the drain to the ground, the toilet outlet and the reserved drain The height of the mouth should be the same or slightly higher to ensure smooth drainage.

3. Check the water-saving function.

When choosing a water-saving toilet, there is often a misunderstanding that the smaller the water tank, the more water is saved, and the size of the water tank depends on the size of the water tank. In fact, whether the toilet saves water does not entirely depend on the size of the water tank, but mainly lies in the design of the toilet flushing and drainage system and the water tank accessories. Some toilet tanks are very small, but the flushing performance is very poor. It can't be cleaned once, and it takes two or three times to clean it. Some toilet tanks are not small, but the water tank has a very low water storage line, and the flushing water is very good, which saves water. Therefore, whether the toilet saves water, you can't just look at the size of the water tank, or just listen to the dealer's introduction, you should ask the dealer for the toilet flushing volume indicated in the product inspection report of the National Technical Supervision Agency. The flushing volume below 6 liters used in our country is a water-saving toilet, and the 4.5-liter water-saving toilet produced by Yingtao is currently the best water-saving toilet in China.

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