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Buying a home is no less than winning a war these days

by:KingKonree     2020-09-14

Assign a home to everything you have:

There's no second thought to the fact, that to keep your life organized and sane, you must assign a home for all of the objects in your house. Have a specific place for your keys, pens, pencils, incoming papers, and mail.

You can do this with a variety of organizing tools, including drawer organizers, shoe racks, magazine racks, filing cabinets, and shelving units.

You should never just toss stuff in a drawer. Instead, make sure that everything has a proper holding spot. Whenever an item has been removed from its assigned home, make sure that it is immediately returned to its homes when no longer in use.

Filing system is a must:

Sometimes while purchasing a home, we undermine the usage of 'filling cabinets' which is one of the best organizing tools. They help keep all of your important paperwork organized. File away all of your manuals, your tax information, finance information, school report cards, family documents, etc.

Of course, if you want your filing system to be of any use, you must also label all of your folders based on the items they hold.

The habit to 'pick up':

We do not realize the importance of 'picking up' while we are on the go. Don't let the piles of toys, dishes, and paperwork take over. Instead, clean up everything as you go along. Do a quick wipe up of the shower each day. Pick up a few things as you're walking through the house. Spend 15 minutes each day organizing your office. You'll be surprised at what a huge difference these daily habits can make.

'Drawers' is the word:

Drawers can become a home of untidy havoc. Although everything might look nice and tidy on the outside, a peek behind the closet or inside the drawers often reveals the truth. Fortunately, there are simple steps to organizing your drawers.

First you need to empty your piled up mismanaged drawers. The best way to clean something out is to start with a clean slate. Next, remove all of the unneeded junk from the pile and throw it in the trash. This alone is a big accomplishment. Simply clearing out the junk will make things look a lot tidier.

When you are done with removing all of the junk, you can go through the remaining items and sort them into 3 piles: stuff you want to keep, stuff you'd like to give away, and stuff that needs to be moved. One of the best ways to organize these piles is to use large boxes or bags and label them 'Keep', 'Move', 'Trash', and 'Donate'.


The toughest but the most sorted habit is 'to dump it'! Anything that you haven't used in the past year probably needs to be thrown away. Throw out those clothes that you never wear. Get rid of the shoes that are 10 years outdated. Give away the books you'll never read and stashed in the drawers. Get away, with kitchen appliances gathering dust? Give it away to Goodwill and gain some valuable counter space. Getting rid of your junk will greatly help organize your home and give you more space.

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