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Cabinet countertop prices Daquan

by:KingKonree     2021-04-17

People say that to have a good kitchen, you must have a good cabinet countertop, which is also very important to people's lives. Therefore, people should choose a better cabinet countertop when decorating. What is the general price of cabinet countertops?

The price of cabinet countertops

According to different materials, the overall cabinet countertops are mainly divided into quartz stone integrated cabinet countertops, artificial stone integrated cabinet countertops, and natural stone integrated cabinet countertops. , Refractory board integral cabinet countertops and stainless steel integral cabinet countertops.

Quartz stone integrated cabinet countertop

Quartz stone is a dense and non-porous composite material manufactured under vacuum conditions. Its quartz surface is more excellent for the kitchen’s acidity and alkalinity. The anti-corrosion ability, the liquid substance used daily will not penetrate its interior.

Price: ¥1380.00 or so

Artificial stone integrated cabinet countertops

There are many varieties of artificial stone integrated cabinet countertops currently on the market, and the quality varies greatly. , The more common ones are pure acrylic and composite acrylic, which have the functions of abrasion resistance, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, compression resistance, flexural resistance, and penetration resistance.

Price: Above ¥1000

Natural stone integrated cabinet countertops

High-grade granite marble in natural stone is the integrated cabinet countertop Traditional raw materials, black flower and white flower are more commonly used. Natural stone has beautiful texture, hard quality, outstanding scratch resistance, and low cost. It is an economical tabletop material.

Price: ¥880.00 or so

Refractory board integrated cabinet countertop

The base material is MDF or particleboard, the surface is fireproof material and decorative veneer, bright color , Wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, and low price.

Price: Above ¥100.00

Stainless steel cabinet countertops

The advancement of processing technology has given this material new features, such as surface drawing and embossing Processing, etc., the appearance is fashionable and avant-garde, very popular among young urban consumers, and due to the characteristics of stainless steel, the surface is easy to clean and take care of.

Price: ¥2000 or more

The price of countertops for cabinets

1. The quotation refers to the upper cabinet + plus the lower cabinet ( (Excluding countertops), the quotation includes the specified cabinet, door panel, handle, door hinge, and skirting board. The style of the door refers to the opening of the door. The general ratio of upper and lower cabinets is 37 to 46 open. For example: 1000 yuan for upper and lower cabinets, 300 yuan per meter for upper and lower cabinets, and 700 per meter for lower cabinets. Our cabinets generally have fewer upper cabinets and more lower cabinets, so we can see that it is more reasonable to use four or six open. The countertops are quoted by the meter according to the material and brand department.

2. Package price: This kind of quotation is a meter set by the merchant in advance, such as how much is the price of 1 linear meter on the counter, 3 meters on the counter, and 3 meters on the countertop. The countertop is included in the package price. Many merchants will have a description of this kind of quotation that they are dissatisfied with the set meal. At the same time, there will be the calculated unit price of the excess part: how much to enter the counter, how much to leave, and how much countertops. When your cupboard is not full of the set meal, a smaller number of merchants will discount the excess price and refund it to you. The door styles are all open doors.

3. Buy the counter and send it to the counter: This kind of quotation seems relatively simple, it is quoted by the meter. The specified countertop is included in the quotation. You only need to know how many meters you have left the cabinet. It should be noted that this kind of quotation generally has a description: the cabinet above the range hood is not included (when you use a deep-mask hood and a side suction hood, you will need to make a cabinet), and the upper part of the window will not be a cabinet , The cabinet above the refrigerator is not included. The feature of this quotation is that the unit price is relatively expensive, and the opening style of the same door is to open the door.

Precautions for the purchase of cabinets

When buying, you must also measure the size of the cabinet countertops. If the size is too large or the size is too small, it is not appropriate , It will affect the overall effect. Only a reasonable size can bring out the characteristics of the cabinet. In addition, many people pay attention to the price of cabinet countertops when buying cabinets. The price of the price affects people’s attention. Therefore, the cabinet is in the process of purchasing. Attention should be paid to the size. In addition, the cabinet countertops should be selected. There are stainless steel, and some are made of other materials. When choosing, you should consider more thorough.

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