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[Cabinet Quartz Countertop Thickness] How thick is the quartz countertop in general

by:KingKonree     2021-05-06

Before understanding the thickness of quartz stone countertops and its processing and installation methods, let's take a look at the advantages of quartz stone cabinet countertops and why it is worth buying.

Advantages of cabinet quartz stone countertops

1It won’t take much to scrape it.

Quartz stone is The second hardest stone material in nature, the first is diamond. The 95% content of quartz is the basis for the hardness of quartz stone. Its surface hardness can be as high as 7.5 on the Mohs scale. This hardness is harder than kitchen knifes, guns and shovel, and will not be scratched by these metals, so quartz stone is used in kitchens and bathrooms. The best choice.

2No matter how dirty it is, it won’t get dirty.

Quartz stone is a very dense stone material, and it is indifferent to the corrosion of strong acids and alkalis. Any liquid usually used will not seep. Into the quartz stone, the dirt that stays on the surface for a long time can be cleaned with a damp cloth or cleaning liquid. If necessary, a blade can be used to scrape off the residue on the surface.

3 It won’t be old how you use it.

The surface of the quartz stone is polished, it will not be scratched by a knife, will not penetrate into liquid substances, and will not produce For problems such as yellowing and discoloration, daily cleaning only needs to be rinsed with water. Even after a long period of use, its surface is as bright as a newly installed countertop, without maintenance and maintenance.

The thickness of the cabinet quartz stone countertop

The thickness of the quartz stone is 1.5-2 cm, and most of them on the market are 1.5, the French imported Cyrus, the thickness is only 1.2 but the hardness is very high. The thickness of standard quartz stone is 1.5CM, which is a kind of sio2 chemical substance. It has high hardness, but it also has 0.5% cracking phenomenon. However, this is the most competitive cabinet countertop at present, because there are many reasons for cracking, such as Internal injuries during transportation, treatment of processing joints, use of glue, etc.

The statement that the kitchen cabinet is a quartz stone countertop (6.5cm thickness) is wrong. 6.5cm is not the thickness of the quartz stone, but includes the thickness of the sagging. Quartz stone is not absolutely heat-resistant, but the high temperature resistance is stronger than that of resin artificial stone. There is no inevitable connection between the cracking of the countertop and the quality of the quartz stone itself. You can apply for repair.

Quartz countertop processing for cabinets

Trimming: We all know the materials that are cut with a cutting machine, there must be many different For smooth places, we need to repair the burrs for smooth bonding. In this way, future work can be done easily. The craftsmanship that comes out is more delicate, can highlight its value even more.

Bonding: Prepare the material to be bonded to the bonding surface. Adjust the special glue, add an appropriate amount of curing agent and stir evenly. Use the clamp to clamp the material. Pay attention to the force of the clamp.

Polishing: The bonded and shaped countertops can be polished and polished after they are roughly trimmed with an angle grinder. There are many methods of polishing and polishing, but one rule should be paid attention to. The polishing should be done layer by layer. It can be polished, waxed before polishing, and polished with wool polishing cotton. The products after grinding and polishing can make people feel more beautiful in appearance.

Although quartz stone countertops are one-step cabinet countertop materials among all countertops, the price of this product is relatively high, so only let Acceptable by white-collar workers and above.

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