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camp wash basin

by:KingKonree     2020-03-13
The only thing I use more than the stove in our kitchen is the sink.
But it\'s hard to find a convenient place to wash when you\'re camping.
This camp washbasin is super simple to make and easy to set up and store.
I changed some pop music.
I noticed a nice stainless steel spring inside.
The spring inside this nozzle is 4 inch long, 1/4-
Inches in diameter.
Unscrew the sprinkler and remove the spring.
Pay attention to flying parts.
You also need: three 1/2-
Wood pin (inch diameter)these came 48-inches long).
A plastic gold plate (
A wide and shallow pot for finding sand gold --\"Graffiti \").
This pot is less than 14.
A few inches in diameter, less than $10.
You can find all kinds of plastic gold plates on it.
But make sure you have a good lip on your outer edge.
I have mixed air when trying to find a regular wash basin or plastic pan that fits this tripod.
The bowl can\'t be too deep and must have a good lip on the edge to grab the pin point and keep the legs apart.
Tools: hand saw measuring TapeClampsKnife or sandpaper optional: towel Rod: 1/4-
About 18-inch diameter pininches long.
Soap Dish: disposable plastic water bottle (
Cut off the top)
Small nails, pliers and heat sources used to melt holes through soap plates and gold plates.
Figure out how high you want your washbasin to be.
My bathroom sink is 32-
A few inches from the floor. With a 13 3/4-
Inch diameter pot, pin needs 36-
Inches long to make the height of the pan 32-
A few inches from the ground.
Clip and see three pins on the 36 th. inch length. Use a knife (or sandpaper)
Make Dull points at the end of the three pins (
All you need to do is score at one end).
Assemble the tripod by fixing the three pins together and sliding the spring down to the middle of the pins.
When you separate the legs, compress the spring with two fingers.
You can put the spring in a position slightly above the center to allow further separation of the legs, which increases stability but also increases the risk of tripping.
Open the tripod and place the gold plate on the top so that the lip of the gold plate can grab the tip of all three pins.
Firmly grasp the gold plate on both sides (
Doing so helps to catch two legs)
Jimmy left and right, forward and backward, let the legs slide up and down the spring to level the sink.
If you want to add a stick to get a towel, you can just find a stick or buy a 1/4-
Inch diameter pin, cut about 18-inches long.
Along the side of the leg, slide the stick into the spring, leaving a distance of several inches, extending out from the tip of the pin.
You can also tie the stick to one leg with kinks, which also prevents the stick from bending too low under the weight of the towel.
Alternatively, you can hang a towel where the three pins above the spring intersect.
For soap dishes, cut off the top of the disposable water bottle and melt two holes near the upper edge with a heated nail.
Hold the nail with pliers and heat the nail on the flame until it is hot enough to melt through the plastic.
Make a pair of holes on the lips of the gold plate to match the holes on the soap plate.
When you do this, melt a few holes in the bottom of the soap dish and let the water out.
Connect the soap dish to the gold plate using a twist tie.
When you remove the gold plate from the tripod, the tripod is automatically turned off for easy storage.
The wash basin may be a bit unstable, so place it where it is not easy to be knocked over.
You can also do some graffiti with a golden pot while camping.
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