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can a bathtub be a different color than a toilet & sink?

by:KingKonree     2020-02-27
There is a bathtub in the bathroom that matches other elements, such as the toilet and sink, depending entirely on your preference.
While it is common for the bathtub to match the bathroom and sink of most bathrooms, this is not a clear rule.
With the correct accent, three important bathroom elements do not need to be the same color.
It is common to match the color of the bathtub with the toilet and sink, as these three elements are usually produced in the same color.
In the case of the bathtub and toilet, white and off-
White is common.
Matching these elements is a safe way to keep your bathroom in a consistent look.
Because White is a bit monotonous, add color to the room with bright paint or wallpaper, towels, artwork and other bathrooms --Accent.
If the color of the bathtub you choose is different from the toilet and sink, please choose the color of the bathtub that complements the room.
For example, if the bathroom and sink are white and the room is decorated in white and pink, do not buy a light blue bathtub.
Instead, in the case of a white and pink bathroom, Rose-
The colorful bathtub is suitable.
If you move into a house where the bathtub, toilet and sink do not match, paint the tub in the right color.
The process of removing an existing bathtub and installing a new one is expensive and time consuming, while the process of painting the bathtub provides you with an accurate color at a fraction of the price.
Do not use any type of paint for the bathtub; buy a tub-
Painting kit for home improvement shop.
Sometimes the slight color difference between the bathtub and the sink and the toilet can be harmful.
If the toilet and sink are pure white,
The white tub is never clean.
In this case, it is better to have a bathtub with a completely different color to avoid this problem.
If the bathtub is the ideal color, consider replacing the toilet and sink.
The process of installing a new toilet is simple, and the style of the sink can complement any bathroom.
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