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Capital accumulation in the home furnishing industry has increased significantly, and companies have begun to deploy new structures

by:KingKonree     2021-07-24
Affected by the overall economic environment, the development of the home building materials industry is weak. Major brand companies have to speed up the deployment of new business in order to find the next profit point. However, shopping malls are like battlefields, and the strategic layout of enterprises needs to consider how to seize the main points of consumption, how to arrange the battlefield and strategize, so that they can find the way and the first opportunity in the chaotic 'chess game.'   Aiming at the pain point of consumption, home furnishing companies are accelerating new business deployment   The home furnishing industry in recent years can be described as the year of deployment. On the one hand, home furnishing companies continue to develop along the traditional growth pattern, the number of stores continues to increase, and their performance steadily improves. They seek stable growth by expanding their traditional main business. On the other hand, the expansion of scale is not an increase in quantity. Take the home furnishing store represented by Jiaranzhijia as an example, enter various fields related to home furnishing, and extend the business to home furnishing by making full use of existing resources and funds. Various industries, aiming at all aspects of household consumption.  Extending from the industry to the upper and lower industrial chains, although there is a certain accumulation of resources, the home furnishing industry is fragmented and huge, and facing new businesses also requires courage and ability to start from scratch. It can be seen that these layouts have emerged from multiple pain points of consumer home consumption, such as making consumption transparent, reducing intermediate links, ensuring product quality, and making decoration simpler... When the strategic layout is linked to consumer demand, it is convenient There is a driving force for sustainable development. Although the results of the new business layout are not yet obvious, it has become the trend of the industry and has also made consumers look forward to it.  The capital strength appears. Brand enterprises build a reasonable development structure  In addition to the layout in the industry, the capital strength of home furnishing companies has also begun to appear. After 20 years of development, many home furnishing companies have accumulated strong capital and strength, and constructed a reasonable development structure, and also showed a good investment perspective in the capital market. The layout of Red Star Macalline and other companies in the capital market not only enjoys the dividends brought by capital, but is also looking for the next outlet in the home furnishing industry. Maybe they were born in the home furnishing industry, and the investment direction of these companies is not too far. For consumers, in the future, home furnishing stores can not only buy furniture, but also provide a variety of food, housing, and transportation formats, but also art, home maintenance, and elderly care. In fields such as, entertainment, home consumption tends to be more relaxed and convenient.   The above layout can be understood as starting from scratch, competition still exists, but more hope. While home furnishing companies are looking for the next profit point, they are also changing the ecological environment of home consumption. Of course, the influence of the two is mutual. The demand for household consumption has also prompted companies to plan new layouts. As represented by home improvement companies, starting this year, companies hope to provide consumers with more comprehensive services through a full range of products and services. Shichuang Decoration not only adds product categories at the front end, provides a variety of design methods, actively builds factories at the back end, introduces cooperative brands, and optimizes the product system; Jinzhao Decoration launches a 'smart home' community store, providing overall decoration, partial decoration, refurbishment, Maintenance and other services make home improvement consumption closer to consumers; Qumei Home furnishing maximizes the advantages of offline stores and launches a service model centered on space customization, allowing consumers to quickly and easily see the appearance of the future home. Complete high-quality, high-efficiency consumption processes.   In addition, smart homes have also become a new highlight of the company's layout. Promote the implementation of smart homes through capital investment, acquisition of companies, and joint smart manufacturing or real estate companies. I believe that in the near future, smart home will become an organic part of home life, creating more home fun for everyone. Information source: Yiou
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