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cast iron vs. granite kitchen sinks

by:KingKonree     2020-04-01
When you pick the next kitchen sink, remember how durable it really needs to be.
The kitchen sink must deal with plates, constant moisture and ample heat corresponding to them.
Both cast iron and granite are valid materials used as sinks.
While both have different advantages, both are very powerful and provide a unique look for your kitchen.
Granite and cast iron are very hard and unlikely to suffer any damage due to falling plates, hot heat or wet kitchen.
If you cut vegetables directly on the surface, the granite sink won\'t even scratch.
Although this is fairly rare, granite sometimes forms debris at the edges.
You can re-seal the granite if there is any damage.
The cast iron sink is covered on the enamel surface of the fragments from time to time, but the structure of the sink is not easily damaged.
The enamel surface of the cast iron sink allows a lot of versatility in terms of appearance.
You can choose cast iron sinks of any color or design.
The granite is a bit limited because it looks exactly the same as the natural stone it comes from.
Both Granite and cast iron are naturally cool contacts, although the cast iron sink keeps heat from hot water.
Both are difficult, so the plate is likely to break if it falls directly on the material.
The standard white cast iron sink is much cheaper than the granite sink, but the price goes up if you want a custom color or design.
Granite and cast iron are more valuable than other sinks like stainless steel.
Since these materials are thick and heavy, the installation is not one-offperson job.
You may also need to reinforce the counters under them so that their weight does not cause the counters to collapse.
Stay away from strong or abrasive cleaners as they scratch and damage cast iron and granite.
Dark liquids such as tea leaves and juice will cause pollution to the enamel coating of cast iron and must be rinsed in time.
The best way to clean up granite and cast iron sinks is to use smooth cloth and water.
The rubber sink protector is a good insurance policy for any kind of sink.
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