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Cheap Rugs adorned every room in the house providing warmth

by:KingKonree     2020-09-07

Cheap as in Cheap Rugs is a euphemism for a quality bargain, for rugs that exude richness in every aspect without compromise. The scene depicted is typical of what an impact can be made with a suitably selected rug. The scenario was repeated throughout the house, providing a huge range of 'Cheap Rugs' from many global origins. The co-ordination of colours, fibres and textures in each location inspired a sense of Feng Shui and flowing energies, the results of much thought and good interior design skills. Nothing appeared contrived and each rug looked beautifully at home in its particular placement. The most appealing and luxurious rug was located in the stately living room, providing a panorama of geometrically patterned floral designs on a cream wool background.

The floral reds, blues and greens created a woodland or country garden feel except with a more ordered layout of the flowers and frawns. This Persian wool rug bedecked a dark walnut floor and threw the surrounding dark furniture into relief with the colour contrast. It exuded timeless eastern luxury that can only be described as decadent. In the bedrooms, the image of comfortable shaggy rugs belied the description 'Cheap Rugs' and encouraged bare feet to tread its long colourful fibres and experience that sensual feeling of supreme comfort and warmth. The shaggy rugs added a new dimension that shouted out 'try me out' and that is a welcome area to shed shoes and socks before jumping into bed.

Cheap Rugs in the bathrooms and en-suites were functional yet cosy. Again the colour co-ordination was understated but a perfect match for the sanitary and bath-ware. They all looked particularly warm and added an element to the ambience that said 'stay a while'. Many other Cheap Rugs included Fusion Rugs with their intricate designs, patterns and colour mixtures and Modern Rugs with their innovative designs, patterns and fibres. Some of the fibres included leather strips on a Hessian or canvas background in beige, grey and white, creating a striking 'avant garde' artistic sensation. Cheap Rugs is certainly a misnomer for the quality items on offer at discounted prices.

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