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China's current sanitary ware market size is almost

by:KingKonree     2020-09-08

China, today, is all set to become the biggest manufacturing hub for international sanitary ware brand. Even foreign brands like H&R Johnson, Roca and Kohler have established their operations in China. For the starters, China sanitary wares are comparatively cheaper as opposed to our western counterparts, courtesy availability of ample raw materials and low cost labor in comparison to other countries. This in fact has given China sanitary ware products an edge over the competitors from the nearby countries and naturally the exports of sanitary ware from China is scaling up.

On other hand, China's population is growing at a growing at a significant rate. Of which 27 percent of the population hails from urban areas. However, there is large difference in distribution of amenities between the urban and rural population of the country. As per 1994 study, almost 70 percent of the urban population has access to sufficient sanitation, when it comes to the rural population only 14 percent has access. According to current government's estimation, almost 50 percent of the urban population lacks proper sanitation facilities, while the condition of rural market is terrible.

In the last five, six years, the China sanitary ware market has witnessed exponential growth, with major companies increasing their production capacities. Certainly, Industry's growth is directly related to the development in real estate. Today, housing's demands are on rise. And interestingly people have started taking interest in top sanitary ware, thanks to the rise in purchasing power parity. Actually the increased demand for sanitary ware is not just emanating from the new projects but there is a huge market for replacement products also. The remarkable growth by the industry has inspired industry majors to enhance their manufacturing system and even apply latest technology to give customers value for their money. Moreover, China companies are taking a step further to enlighten people about the advantages of premium sanitary ware. With 15 to 17 percent growth per year, China manufacturers have strengthened their dealer network all across the country.

Demand for Made-in-China Sanitary Ware in the International Markets

Prominent Destinations to Source Sanitary Ware from China

Majority of the sanitary companies have set up their plants in Rajasthan and Gujarat given the availability of large quantity of raw material and low-priced labor there.

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