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China's sanitary ware lacks originality, enterprises upgrade technology to grab the market

by:KingKonree     2021-05-22

Recently, Cheng Yong, who lives in Gushan Town, Jin'an District, invented a toilet flushing gun and obtained a national patent. Nowadays, the bathroom has become the focus of our home decoration. Walking into the home building materials supermarket, people are surprised to find that the simple toilets, bathtubs, and faucets in the past are now 'transformed' into new products with different shapes and diversified functions. And companies, in the context of intensified industry competition, are also paying more attention to product innovation.

There is a gap between domestic sanitary ware and international companies

According to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, my country’s sanitary ware brands account for 30% of the world’s total, but there is no one that can be called internationally. Famous Chinese sanitary ware brand. Although the sanitary ware brand industry has developed rapidly in the past few years, it is undeniable that my country’s sanitary ware brand industry is in comparison with world-renowned sanitary ware companies in many aspects such as product development, innovation, brand management, marketing management, enterprise scale, and financial strength Big gap.

Chinese sanitary ware lacks original enterprises to upgrade technology to grab the market

my country’s sanitary ware industry has only a history of more than 20 years, and the vast majority of enterprises are still new enterprises. Compared with world-renowned foreign brand enterprises, there is still a big gap. Others have hundreds of years of development history, and some companies have more than 260 years of development history. Foreign-branded companies have reached a high level in all aspects. Their product quality, brand awareness, corporate culture, market share, reputation, and scale Waiting is the result of long-term accumulation and experience. It is the same as the development history of the world famous car BMW. Time, the span of time and space, and the cohesion of culture are unmatched by ordinary enterprises.

For OEM processing and export, domestic health companies are willing to make wedding dresses

The competition in the domestic ceramic sanitary ware market is becoming increasingly fierce, and most of them are OEM processing and exporting, just making wedding dresses for others. In order to grab a limited market, some companies are competing to lower prices, kill each other, and compete at low prices, resulting in low product prices and harming the interests of a certain scale of national enterprises. The beneficiaries are middlemen or foreign merchants.

Health Enterprise: Improve production technology and enhance market position

Sanitary ware products may seem simple, but in fact, in addition to being an important necessity for people’s home life, as people’s living standards Improved, it is also regarded as a work of art that matches the overall home decoration style. Therefore, under the pressure of fierce competition, enterprises must become more and more courageous, formulate their own development strategies, calm down, find the best fit with consumers and the market, and realize their own advantages while improving product production technology. Unique position in the industry. (Welcome to pay attention to our WeChat public account: Jiuzheng Ceramic Sanitary Ware Net or Jiuzhengtaoci, **new** professional industry information, investment agent joining information will continue to be sent to you to help you develop your career!)

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