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Chongqing booth decoration

by:KingKonree     2021-04-09

In the display design of   , the corporate booth is like a radio station. Only when the “audiences” in the exhibition can listen to their information and achieve the effect of promotion and dissemination can it be considered a success. The broadcast is through audio equipment, and the exhibitors are through their own exhibition design. The audience is actually very simple. What they need, what is attractive, and what has characteristics are often the final criteria for selection. Companies must work hard on this in the exhibition design, including several aspects. Now we will introduce to you the relevant knowledge of Chongqing booth decoration, hope it will be helpful to you.

  Chongqing booth decoration

  1, flat visual form

   In the exhibition, people always move constantly and stop again. The movement is a combination of static and dynamic ways to view the exhibits in the booth space and receive information from them. In this process, the viewer’s line of sight will always observe and experience each position from far, near, high, low, left to right, and from different angles. They will be immersive in different atmospheres, in all directions. Watch, so as to have a deeper understanding of the exhibits and the entire display space design. In this process, how to catch their eyeballs and make them stay in the exhibition area for a long time to appreciate, this requires the display and design of the graphic visual form, the purpose is to convey product information and promote the corporate brand image. In the exhibition design, the graphic visual image includes exhibition boards, exhibits, background exhibition walls, posters, graphics, text, instructions and other forms. They are integrated with the overall form to show the infinite charm of the exhibition design. What I want to emphasize here It is to pay attention to the relationship between text and graphics when displaying design, pay attention to the harmony and unity of various elements, and echo the theme.

  2, the form of color expression

   The color design in the exhibition is also one of the key parts of the exhibition design, which must be guided by the enterprise identification system Accurate use will not only enhance the visual impact, capture the viewer's attention, but also fully embody the corporate image and brand spirit, enabling viewers to receive corporate information to the greatest extent in a specific and limited display space. The main color of a successful exhibition or the standard color of a company can become a symbol of the display space, and play a good indicative and guiding role. This is actually a color strategy of 'product-logo-packaging-advertising'. The color can be The viewer can clearly identify exhibitors from a distance.

  3. Space expression form

   All display design needs to be carried out within a certain space range, generally from plane to three-dimensional to space for overall planning. Each part should be functionally divided according to the display needs, display content and space area of u200bu200bthe event, and the specific size should be reasonably and specifically allocated according to the overall display design and the flow of visitors, routes and passages. All display areas should be coordinated and unified. In the exhibition, the different spatial shapes are different in the expression of the overall form. The organization of the horizontal booth space and the display of exhibits coincide with the 'movement' of visitors. The booth extends in the horizontal direction, giving people a comfortable and natural visual sense. The vertical space modeling is mainly used in the space with high height and large depth of field, and different visual and psychological feelings can be obtained according to the change of depth of field and the height of the vertical direction.

   In addition to a few key points of corporate exhibition design, there are also many aspects such as materials, lighting, multimedia technology, etc. that are worth noting, but no matter what, the most important thing is to ensure that the company The transmission of the product information and brand image of 'Quality and Quantity' is the core purpose of corporate exhibition design.

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