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by:KingKonree     2020-08-23

Expensive countertop materials like granite and quartz might get the bulk of the attention in home design books and magazine spreads, but they are far from the only options available for homeowners embarking on a kitchen renovation. In fact, the number of lower-cost alternative countertop materials is continuing to expand.

Different Brands

Among the best low-cost countertop alternatives is Formica, which gives homeowners a nice, clean look without costing a lot. Formica is such as well-known brand that many people confuse it with laminatewhich is the name for the generic countertop material that Formica has become famous for using.

Despite Formica's relatively low cost, other brands offer laminate-style countertops even cheaper. And just because you want to use laminate as the countertop material in a remodel job doesn't mean you are forced to use the Formica brand. Several other brands such as Wilsonart, for example, offer laminate surface countertops at varying prices. It would definitely be worthwhile to do a little price comparison before deciding on a specific laminate countertop material or brand for your kitchen remodel, since prices can fluctuate depending on the seller.

More Savings

As opposed to granite or quartz, laminate is almost always the most cost-effective countertop material for people looking to remodel their countertops on a budget. And especially for our clients interested in kitchen remodeling in Melbourne, FL, staying on budget is important. If you choose to put in a Formica countertop rather than a granite or quartz, then overall you would probably save around $600 or $700, or maybe even $800, on a normal bathroom countertop vanity. And that savings could end up being even more for kitchen surfaces, which tend to be larger.

Other brands that offer laminate countertops, such as Wilsonart, usually charge around $15 to $20 per foot. Compared to granite countertops, which run anywhere from $40 to $60, laminate countertops are a much cheaper option. When you look at the actual numbers, you can really see how much you'd be saving. Those price differences show you the general difference in how much you can save by going with a less expensive laminate material when remodeling a kitchen rather than a pricier material like granite, marble, or quartz.

Shorter Lifespan

On the other hand, a laminate countertop might not last quite as long as some of the more costly options like granite and quartz. In general, most of these laminate surfaces have about a 10- to 12-year lifespan. Besides the shorter lifespan, however, there are few downsides to choosing a laminate countertop. While Formica might not look as high end as granite or quartz, it remains a great deal for the price.

Whatever material you end up choosing, I recommend doing your homework and looking at what prices are being offered by various retail outlets. At Kitchen Bath & Glass Center, we are able to offer our clients who are interested in kitchen remodeling in Melbourne, FL, great prices due in part to the fact that we know the area so well, and have worked in the industry for such as long time. So when it comes to handling an expensive project like a kitchen renovation, it's worthwhile to work with experienced professionals.

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