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Classic case of bathroom decoration, let's get some inspiration

by:KingKonree     2021-06-29

The bathroom is indispensable in our daily life. The bathroom is an indispensable part of the overall home. Although the space and area occupied by the house are a small room, the decoration part should not be sloppy at all. Now recommend a few ready-made cases, you may as well see it as soon as possible.

1. Gray mosaic wall

[Features] Bathroom mirror with storage grid. Bathroom elements: The bathroom cabinet made of solid wood contrasts with the ice-cold mosaic tiles, the bathroom cabinet and the bathroom mirror In combination, more collection space was excavated.

2. Luxury gold-plated mirror frame

[Features] Imitation picture frame gold-plated bathroom mirror Toilet elements: The elegant bathroom is filled with white wooden furniture, and the bathroom bathroom mirror frame is the biggest highlight. It looks no different from the frame of a famous painting, bringing retro rather than noble elements to the simple and elegant bathroom.

3. Fashionable and lovely sink

[Features] Four-color mosaic tile bathroom elements: a small sink made of wood grain materials, suitable for toilets with limited space. The bathroom mirror looks very large here. The four-color mosaic paving is mainly blue and green and cool tones, bringing a cool feeling to the bathroom

4. Soft and stable bathroom

[Features] Steady and generous, warm and romantic bathroom elements: The elegant and bright countertop is combined with the round and smooth basin. The bright bathroom chooses the stable purple wood to create the furniture and the mirror frame, which makes the strange and stable without losing the romance.

5. Simple and practical bathroom

[Features] Space-saving design bathroom elements: the bathroom with a basin, the overall design saves more space, so the bathroom is designed on the countertop, and the bathtub The integrated design is adopted with the shower function, is it very space-saving?

6 Small fresh and artistic bathroom

[Features] Concise outline and practical. Bathroom elements: The blue and white colors are reminiscent of the sky. Two small paintings are hung on the wall. The practical bathroom immediately adds a bit of artistic flavor.

In addition, the bathroom decoration should also pay attention to the following two points:

First, maintain good ventilation. Due to the function of the toilet, the environment of the toilet is relatively humid and there are peculiar smells. If these peculiar smells cannot be discharged in time, the air quality of the family will deteriorate, thereby affecting the health of the family. Therefore, ventilation measures in the bathroom are necessary. Generally, ventilation windows are installed in the bathroom, and it is better to maintain natural indoor ventilation. If some bathrooms cannot be equipped with ventilation windows due to various reasons, it is necessary to install ventilation facilities, and mechanical ventilation is also possible.

Second, do a good job in circuit safety. The bathroom environment is relatively humid, so the wiring of the circuit must be concealed to prevent these wires from contacting the humidifier in the air. At the same time, the switches and sockets installed in the bathroom should also be protected against water to ensure the safety of electricity in the bathroom. Attentions for bathroom decoration Three, the waterproof of the bathroom. In addition to the ground, the wall and roof of the bathroom should also be waterproof. The latter two are relatively easy to be ignored by consumers. In addition to the waterproof effect, the floor decoration should also have a non-slip function to prevent people from being accidentally slipped when walking on wet ground.

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