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Clean workbench quotation and pictures

by:KingKonree     2021-04-13

  Clean workbench refers to a kind of air purification equipment that professionally provides partly dust-free and aseptic work environment. It can pass the contaminated air in the work area through a special filter channel, control it and then discharge it to prevent Polluting the human body and the working environment, it is a new type of safe microbiological special workbench, which is now widely used in biological laboratories, biopharmaceuticals, medical and health and other related industries. Health has a major effect.

  Clean workbench quotation and picture collection

  Clean workbench is a new type of one-way clean workbench produced by the world's advanced technology. The adjustable air volume fan system is equipped with up and down movement, which can freely position and control the movement of the door. The convenient and fast switch settings can easily adjust the voltage size to ensure that the wind speed in the work area is always in the ideal condition. But in the process of using the clean workbench, we must pay attention to indoor drying and cleaning. In a humid environment, the clean workbench data will be easily rusted and affect the normal operation of the clean workbench. The following is a detailed introduction of our clean workbench quotation.

  Clean workbench price-scope of application

  Clean workbench is widely used in various fields such as medical and health, biochemical testing, pharmacy, electronics, appearance, precision instruments, etc. Provide it with a sterile, dust-free and clean working environment. Compared with the common direct control method, the clean workbench is equipped with a fan and a lighting switch on its exterior. According to the characteristics of the airflow direction, a vertical flow clean workbench and a horizontal flow clean workbench are selected. The price of this clean bench on the picture is: 3500 yuan.

  Clean workbench price-style design

  Clean workbench is a workbench that is planned and manufactured according to needs in a specific space. The pen DC clean workbench fan is set on the top, and the noise It is relatively large and is mostly used in medical engineering. It can effectively ensure human health and reduce human damage. The horizontal flow clean bench has low noise and winds outwards. It is mostly used in electronic occupations with relatively small pollution. From the perspective of operation quality and environmental pollution control, the effect of the straight clean bench is superior. The price of this clean bench on the picture is: 2800 yuan.

   clean bench price-working principle

   clean bench working principle is clean air supplied by the air supply filter plate, reducing it at a specific speed After the operation area, the polluted air is separated in the center of the operation area, and then the polluted air is sucked away by the front air suction hole and the rear suction window. The upper part of the clean workbench is equipped with operating parts to exhaust 30% of the harmful gas in the room. The top of the filter plate is discharged, and most of the 70% clean gas in it enters the operation area from the beginning through the oxygen supply filter plate. The price of this clean bench on the picture is: 2900 yuan.

  Clean workbench price-Notes

  Clean workbench does not have explosion-proof function during use. It must not be used in flammable and explosive environments. At the same time, keep indoor dryness. Prevent the humid environment from affecting the application, because the clean workbench is attributed to the safety of the voltage and input power when the electrical equipment is used. It is best to implement reliable grounding work on the clean workbench to ensure the safety of the clean workbench. The quotation of this clean workbench is: 3000 yuan.

   clean bench price-maintenance

   clean bench is now widely used in electronics, appearance, defense precision instruments, food, biological drugs Its application has greatly improved the working environment conditions and product quality in various fields. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the clean workbench, the equipment is also very important for normal maintenance. It should be cleaned and protected regularly to ensure its operating power. The price of this clean workbench on the picture is: 3500 yuan. The above is a detailed introduction of our quotation for clean workbenches, and we hope to learn from us.

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