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Cleaning and maintenance of cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-15

Cabinets are the main furniture in the kitchen. They are the furniture we use for cooking and cooking every day. However, the oil stains and vegetable juice produced by cooking will accidentally fall on the countertop of the cabinet, so every time after the cooking is finished, the countertop of the cabinet is always dirty. This requires us to clean and maintain the countertop of the cabinet, let us His cabinets have been given a brand new look. What I want to talk about today is the cleaning and maintenance of cabinet countertops.

  Artificial stone countertop:

  Cleaning: Since there are no fine lines, it has strong resistance to paint, stains, etc., and it is easier to clean . But the texture is too soft, so you must not use abrasive cleaners.

   Maintenance: Artificial stone countertops should prevent the bleach and scale in the water from making the countertops lighter and affecting their appearance. In actual use, avoid direct contact with high-temperature objects.

  Natural stone countertops:

  Cleaning: When there are stains on the countertops, they should be wiped clean in time to prevent the stains from penetrating into the interior through natural fine lines.

   Maintenance: Natural stone countertops should use a soft scouring pad instead of toluene cleaners, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the stains. When removing scale, do not use strong acid toilet powder, dilute hydrochloric acid, etc., otherwise it will damage the glaze and make it lose its luster. In order to prevent the countertop from cracking, avoid heavy objects hitting the countertop and direct contact with overheated objects during use.

  Stainless steel countertop:

  Cleaning: Do not use acidic and abrasive cleaners, and also avoid using high-hardness cleaning tools such as steel balls Etc., too hard cleaning tools can easily cause surface fluffing and surface scratching.

   Maintenance: Chemical effects have corrosive effects on the countertops of many materials. For example, the stainless steel countertops may rust if they are exposed to salt. Therefore, you should also pay attention to avoid placing items such as soy sauce bottles directly on the countertops.

  Refractory board countertop:

  Cleaning: Use a soft cleaning cloth as much as possible, and do not use high-hardness cleaning tools to avoid damage to the veneer. Do not put dyes or hair dyes directly on the countertop, and stubborn stains can be cleaned with neutral detergents.

  Maintenance tips:

  1, OEM countertop brand repair

  Because the countertop is easily damaged during transportation, the For reasons such as cost saving and convenient transportation, merchants will entrust local factories for OEM production. Experts said that when there are quality problems such as broken or cracked countertops, consumers can directly contact the brand that sells cabinets, and the cabinet brand will come forward to provide repair services.

  2, self-maintaining countertops

   After the cabinet is installed, consumers must ask about the precautions for this type of countertop. It is understood that many cabinet brands will provide paid countertop maintenance services, polishing and polishing each time about 500 yuan. Since the maintenance process will cause a lot of dust, experts recommend that consumers try to maintain and repair the countertops by themselves to avoid the trouble of cleaning after professional maintenance.

  The kitchen is the key to life, and the source of people’s daily meals. For home improvement, the thoughtful layout and clever storage of the kitchen are the biggest manifestation of the cabinet function. The choice of cabinet countertop materials is very important. A high-quality cabinet countertop can not only improve the quality of the kitchen, but also make cooking more convenient. .

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