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clearing a clogged bathroom drain

by:KingKonree     2020-10-16
For most people, nothing is more irritating than getting up in the morning and finding the clogged bathroom sink drain.
Before you start screaming what you really don\'t want the kids to hear, why not figure out first that the sink is blocked, or, if the problem affects other fixtures as well?
Turn on the tap in the tub and let it run for a few seconds.
If it seems that the drain is normal then the problem may be limited to the sink drain.
However, if the bathtub is not drained either, the problem is likely to be in your main sewer.
For our purposes, let\'s assume that the sink is the only fixture with a problem.
In this case, you have the basic way to clear the blockage. . . The fastest (and, easiest)
The method is to use the old fashion piston.
This is something everyone has (Or, there should be)
This problem will usually be solved quickly.
Of course, you can also try one of the many liquid or gel drainage cleaners available in most stores.
I have to say that when I fight a completely clogged pipeline, I have not been very successful in these areas.
I found that the best result is the smallest.
However, I would add that some of these products are excellent in keeping the drain open.
We use it once a month in every drain at home and there are very few issues with clogging.
If neither of these solutions is successful, the only other options available are to remove and clean the drain manually.
In most cases, you will find that the blockage is directly in the \"drain\" under the sink drain.
This is the \"U\" pipe that connects the sink drain pipe to the main drain pipe.
Basically you have to remove the trap and clean up the blockage using some sort of tool.
I have achieved good results using wire hangers that have been straightened out.
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