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cnn politics on facebook » | cnn politics on twitter » scientists, telescope hunt massive hidden object in space

by:KingKonree     2020-02-15
You know, you can sometimes feel something exists even if you can\'t see it?
Astronomers feel this way about huge objects hidden in space.
When we say giant, we mean giant.
There is growing evidence that either a brown dwarf or a giant gas planet lurks far beyond Pluto in the outer reaches of the solar system.
According to the British newspaper The Independent, the theoretical object known as Tyche is estimated to be four times as large as Jupiter and 15,000 times as far from the sun as Earth.
Astrophysicist John mateser and Daniel whitmier from the University of Louis Anna at Lafayette believe that NASA\'s infrared space telescope WISE\'s data will confirm Tai in two years
Such a huge object appears in the distance of the solar system.
According to an article published in space in December, The flung Oort cloud can explain a series of comets in an unexpected direction. com. Its 27 million-
Scientists say the annual orbit can also explain the pattern of mass extinction on Earth.
The brown dwarf is the cold \"fail\" Star;
Since they are dim and have no radiation heat, it is difficult to detect them.
The gas giant is a giant planet.
Like Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune
It is made up of gas and may lack solid surfaces like Earth.
Whitmire told The Independent that Tyche may consist of hydrogen and helium, with colored spots, bands and clouds like Jupiter.
\"You want it to have a satellite, too,\" he said . \".
There are all lay stars.
\"In 1984, taiqi was first assumed to be\" Avengers \", The Dark Companion of the sun.
Since then, it has been the subject of astronomical research and debate.
Another space, July.
According to the Com article, the evidence of heaven suggests that Tyche cannot exist.
To differentiate themselves from the theory of Nemesis, Matese and Whitmire refer their object, Tyche, to the good sister of the goddess Nemesis in Greek mythology.
Their research is published in Icarus, An International Journal of Solar System Research. . . . that\'s no moon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I hope we can learn to avoid the tractor beams.
That thing can be operated!
My point is correct, but few people will get a reference. It\'s a trap!
When you need Luke, where the hell is he? !
To bring this information to us, many Bosi people are dead.
I shouldn\'t be here, I\'m putting the task at risk!
I\'m going in. It\'s red. I have you now.
Haha, these are better than the comments on gizmfw.
Just like the size of the jpglook, it\'s too big to be a space station.
Red Six: I have a problem here. Biggs: Eject!
Red Six: I can take it. Biggs: Pull up!
Red Six: No, I\'m fine. . . ahhh! [
Porkin\'s fighter jet exploded in a fireball.
Why are they calling fat guys? PorkinsIts is a space station. I have a bad feeling about it. . .
Wait in the back! Oh god.
I like the Internet.
Luke, you turned off your target computer!
You can\'t win, but you have a choice to fight.
You know, kid!
Now let\'s blow this thing and go home and your eyes can deceive you;
Don\'t trust them, the tighter you hold, Tarkin, the more star systems your fingers will slip through.
I think my eyes are getting better and better.
What I see is not a big, dark blur, but a big, light blur, \"but I\'m going to get some power converters for toschstation!
\"When your chores are done, you can waste time with your friends.
Palm to forehead. . . . .
Mel, dear Mel, please keep the classic. . . . .
UghYou really belong to us (Oort)cloud. . . . . .
So these \"big cold spherical stars\" called \"blue balls\" are true. . . Evacuate? !
In the moment of our victory?
I think you overestimate their chances.
Use the Force, Luke!
Well, you\'re all idiots!
Everything is going on as I expected. . . .
As you can see, my young apprentice, your friend failed.
Now, witness the firepower of this fully armed and combat battle station!
\"Ggrrrraaaauhhr! !
\"Said Woki.
It\'s almost there. . . . . . . . Stay on target. . . . Stay on target. . . Stay on target! ! !
I gave her all of her, captain!
Meesa will comment at the United Nationsbeawable!
Beep boop beepIt is from. . . behind!
Do you really think most people won\'t get a reference?
For God\'s sake, this is Star Wars!
I was not even a huge fan and got a reference. . . On a side note. . .
M & M pretzels are so delicious! Loosen up!
Yes, sir. I can fly. . .
Personally, I have been wanting revenge since I was kidnapped 10 years ago.
Kenobi: I feel very upset in the original force.
Skywalker: Oh, this is just the subject of the theory.
My revenge is neither quick nor fun!
I\'ll take it out in a few decades so you doubt if the pain in your life is obvious, Leonardo\'s plot, or. . .
The third thing. Good day!
It is a miracle that he cares about anything. . . or anybody.
Princess Ray: No!
Alderaan is peaceful!
We don\'t have weapons. You can\'t. . .
General Takin: Do you prefer another target, military target?
Then name the system!
I\'m tired of asking this, so this will be the last time: where is the rebel base?
Princess Leia: Dan tuine.
They\'re in Dan Tuin.
Governor Takin: there.
You see, Lord Vader, she can reason.
Continue to operate;
You can fire when you\'re ready.
Princess Leia: What?
Governor Tarkin: You\'re too trusting.
Dan Tu is too remote to perform an effective demonstration, but don\'t worry;
We will deal with your rebel friends soon.
Princess Leia: No. . .
I \'ve been waiting for you, Obi. Wan.
We finally met again.
The circle is now complete.
I was just a learner when I left you;
I\'m the master now.
Aren\'t you short for a commando?
Don\'t say that I am a philosopher without a mind. You have too much grease.
Search for how you feel, you know it\'s true. duh. idk. . . . . . Just kidding. . . . . . Just kidding.
There is more innovation and flavor on the website and graphics.
Information is essential for geological students around the world.
Do you know?
Two years ago, when people asked about their 2012 theories about companion stars somewhere in orbit, scientists quickly downplayed it as fantasy thinking. .
But now, wait.
Are they probably right?
Don\'t you think these people don\'t know what they\'re doing? I do.
They are right. If the object exists, it has something to do with 2012.
They need to stop looking around in space for objects and creatures to \"study\" before it can cause something very bad to happen irreversible! !
Oh, nice griefRelax.
As long as you observe things, there will be no harm.
If we find that Tyche does exist, nothing will change.
It will only prove our current assumptions and explain the many unknowns of our solar system.
They are not wandering the Galaxy. . .
They observe things from the Earth.
Apart from our understanding of the universe, it does not affect anything.
You need more education before you give your opinion. Like what?
Or see a comet far enough to allow us to transfer its trajectory so that we can quickly save the Earth and return your little presence to your cave!
I think NASA will focus their satellites on your location, you know they will!
They will control your thoughts and let you give up everything you just said and don\'t forget to wrap your head in aluminum foil!
They will find that the answer is really 42 and who knows they might even find a point gun. . .
Thanks for all the fish!
That\'s what she said, and maybe we can send Sarah Palin to investigate, which will make her disappear for at least thousands of years.
Something \"very bad\" like knowledge?
So you suggested we put our heads in the sand?
Your right to realize that a huge gravity point might hit our path and reduce our mud balls to a pile of mud balls, a door you can only pass through once.
Let\'s ignore any chance of not being forewarned so that we can die in a trap with dignity like a mouse.
This waste of money proves that scientists are right, that creatives are wrong, that they are crazy.
Like santions will affect a political leader, it is brainless;
The fact is that they are clearly innocent people.
Don\'t spend taxpayers\' hard-earned money on your conspiracy, NASA!
When we go to search for Jesus Christ, God and all his angels, torture them until they tell you what is going on. Good luck!
College kids need to buy books in cash.
The medicine is your friend;
I suggest putting some quiet sound in your head. . .
NASA, make our lives better. You tell \'em.
If there is no theory, there is no discovery.
If there are n findings, there is nothing to print in the student textbook. Get the point?
No, it has nothing to do with religion.
But your comments show that some people are very insecure about their religion.
What does creatives and God have to do with a huge dead star that surrounds our solar system?
Conspiracy and scientific assumptions are two different things.
They are trying to learn more about the universe.
If everyone closes their minds like you, our civilization will never develop as it is now.
The pursuit of knowledge and understanding helps us to evolve and keep people like you.
Get some education and get a good enough life so that your child doesn\'t struggle with the school\'s books.
Moreover, no one needs to prove that creationism is wrong.
It is proved by creatives that creationism is correct.
That\'s how science works.
Some of the things that are given to us from NASA\'s \"waste of spending\", you know: Who is the creative is interesting? Xians (
Not Muslim, Hindu, etc)
At least, I have never seen anyone except Xi\'an people who are so passionate about creation.
So far, there seems to be a problem with the whole conversation, which I think is more than just a question of \"myth faith.
Two astrophysicists from the state of Luis Anna are working on the data from the NASA telescope. . .
Not NASA\'s own research.
It doesn\'t matter anyway.
Science and Religion, on the other hand, are not mutually exclusive. . .
Only those with closed and divided minds on both sides will let them appear in this way.
We don\'t need astronomers to prove that the Bible version of creationism is wrong.
Biologists and geologists have done a good job.
This does not mean that the view of creationism itself is necessarily flawed.
Maybe God created the universe.
Astrophysics is just a way to discover what has been created in addition to us.
Thomas, your ignorance will only be surpassed by your shortcomings.
I think you want Columbus to stay in Portugal, we have explored the depths of our ocean and even we moved to the Holy.
\"Explore Louis.
\"Put your head into the sand, my friend.
Let the rest of us know about our solar system, the universe, and the unknown.
Tomaz, your post is one of the craziest stupid things I \'ve read.
In your rambling, incoherent response, you have never been close to anything that can be considered rational thinking.
Everyone in this room became stupid because they had read it.
It sounds like a good idea for me to spend money exploring our universe.
What do you want?
How about watching adult men get tens of millions of dollars to play games like football?
It\'s annoying me.
We don\'t want to spend money on providing decent public education to our children, but how much is it perfectly acceptable to pay someone like Cameron Anthony to play basketball in the next 3 years?
At the very least, I can be sure that the money spent by institutions like NASA will actually have a tangible result-such as new technologies.
When does \"God\" start to need a bodyguard. . . Right. . . . . .
Trying to understand why the Earth has been bombarded with comet/asteroid cycles in the past, perhaps finding or refuting once and for all a possible reason is a waste of time.
Do College students need more money to buy books?
It\'s true, but it\'s clear that you don\'t read too much, or you\'ll realize how stupid your comments are.
Herp derp, derp. . . .
NASA is just a conspiracy organization. . . . herp derp derp.
I \'d rather have NASA spend money than spend money in other countries that want us to die.
I \'d rather let NASA spend money on the universe than waste it on other countries that want us all to die.
It has nothing to do with NASA\'s money-you\'re really a fanatic.
There is more life and money [wasted]
The construction of churches, mosques, temples and religious wars has been spent more than ever on scientific efforts.
All this is because the sheep of human beings believe in the stories made up by our ancestors, making people feel good, and making us sentient beings.
Science always proves or refutes facts.
Let\'s give scientists more money so that we can discover and learn more.
Religion only proves that we are afraid of the unknown.
It was 27 million years ago.
Why is this dwarf so young, what is its role in mass extinction other than the comet?
It says its track is 27 million years, not its age.
The article says it has a track of 27 million years, not 27 million years.
It is not difficult to read and understand.
The length of its orbit around the sun is 27 million years, not its age.
Many large stars are relatively short-lived.
Somewhere in the past 27 million years, while the planet may still be in its first orbit, large chunks, debris and debris pop up, fall off or explode outward.
Some of these blocks can easily change the orbit of something in the Orte cloud, resulting in a collision, another collision, and so on until something hits the Earth.
Observers believe that they have enough data to map the orbit of an object;
However, it will take another two years before another observatory can confirm the existence of the object.
Did I read it right?
Hey, the sound of reason, they can\'t take out the nearest telescope.
Mathematical equations show that the object is 15,000 times the distance from the sun.
If you don\'t know what that means, it means that objects close to the size of Jupiter are about 15,000x93,000,000 miles away.
Finding it is not a simple task.
These things take time.
The world is round for two religious idiots with no brains, try to remember this.
I hope the university can tell you that technology is our future, not your myth.
If science and technology are our future, it is sad that we will eventually replace ourselves with our own creations.
Jeff, with all due respect, this is the most narrow.
I have been watching it for a long time.
You seem to be one of those people who mistake your opinion for fact.
@ Hm are you talking about movie Terminator?
The trial day in the movie is not true. . . . .
Oh, remember no one can know what the matrix is. . .
Jeff, you know what\'s funny about that sentence.
If people only look at the Bible in the argument that the whole Earth is flat/round, they will see the Bible saying that the Earth is round.
\"Jeff, you know what\'s funny about that sentence.
If people only look at the Bible in the argument that the whole Earth is flat/round, they will see the Bible saying that the Earth is round.
In fact, it says it\'s a circle, of course not, but it doesn\'t matter.
Of course, the ancient Greeks also believed that the Earth was \"spherical \".
Jeff, it\'s actually a flat ball.
Fortunately, the alternatives provided by science will not be dragged down by outdated ideas that no longer mean that a lucky charm27 million year is a track, not an age. . .
Where did it come from?
How did it get there?
Who put it?
We need to ask Bill O\'Reilly. . . ASAP! He\'ll know!
No, you can\'t explain. . . . .
Who put it? huh? cmon. . . . .
Who put it?
The last thing we need is the tool to get into the discussion, can anyone say \"ironic irony?
That\'s what I mean by making a comment.
I type a comment on my computer that people from all over the world can read.
How did all the ink go through all the wires? ? ?
Can someone explain it? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Brown dwarf rising.
The brown dwarf fell.
No splanation required. I got it! !
Damn it, don\'t get it wrong!
People with extremely low IQ (
Those who believe in Santa Claus and God)
Is it allowed to be close to the computer? Don;
They know that computers are the product of science, so it is not good. OK. . .
Again: no period.
Take care of it now.
Lower IQ Ye AH
Why don\'t you talk to believers with higher IQ and learn that not many people have any problems with science.
Because we religious scientists scared him.
Isn\'t Santa really? ! ? !
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Isn\'t religious scientists contradictory?
Like cold fire or non
Republican racism? . . . nevermind.
It\'s okay. It\'s two words.
@ TN like yourself, is the use of punctuation and English usage unskilled? ? ? ? @TN – low IQ?
Are you kidding?
At least you have a big self.
It is difficult for religious scientists to be contradictory.
Scientists are the ones looking for the truth in the world around him, and he knows that he may push society closer to the truth, but they will never really reach the full truth.
We religious scientists have seen such beauty and order in the universe that we realize that there is little chance of \"just happening.
Oh, as long as the Easter Bunny is real, I can spend the rest of my life peacefully and happily.
Thank God. Oh, thank you. . . science?
I am afraid of everything, which confirms my fear of everything because I am more detailed than I can understand! ! ! OH NOES! ! @ TN post.
By the way, if you have a way of thinking, I hope you are afraid that it is wrong, because it means that you are living in a wrong life during your previous tenure.
What I am talking about is not a fixed fear, but a fear of respect.
The trick is to accept change, not to ignore it.
Don\'t be afraid of the Reaper. . . . . In the (East)
There are 5 planets in Indian astrology (
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn)
Interestingly, there are also two imaginary planets, Rahu and Ketu, which move in the opposite direction to other planets.
In addition, in mythology, Rahu and Ketu occasionally \"tuxedo \"--
Completely dominant-
The Moon and The Sun, respectively.
The system, which consists of nine objects in the solar system, is called \"navgrahaas\" and is said to dominate everyone\'s lives.
I believe some will hope to find a connection between these ancient beliefs and possible discoveries in the future.
Some food worth thinking about.
In fact, these two \"imaginary\" planets are used to explain lunar and solar eclipses.
I want to predict that the X star is a brown dwarf and that the doomsday madman related to Earth collision is correct.
I think I \'d better find my tin foil.
This is creepy.
Hope everyone has their own life.
It\'s just proof that X stars, aka.
Nibiru, our direction.
Zecharia Sitchin has warned us.
Open your eyes. V for victory!
Listen to Alex Jones and learn more about the new world order.
George Soros is behind this.
* Sigh * I know it\'s only a matter of time before the \"Giant Lizard disguised as world leader\" conspirators appear.
I know it\'s only a matter of time before the \"Giant Lizard disguised as a world leader\" conspirators appear.
In fact, conspiracy theorists have been here since the beginning!
I want to know what they want and what they are doing, which makes you think.
Wait, I\'m one of them. . . . . . . . . or am I. A. . . friggin. . . Men.
Someone got it here.
Isn\'t it a bit racist to call this thing a \"brown\" dwarf?
A black hoeIs called it \"Shorty\" is not sensitive?
I\'m sure it prefers \"Little Star \". . . . ha!
Element 5!
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