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comment: ladies, why are we still chained to the kitchen sink?

by:KingKonree     2020-05-28
I recently chatted with a friend who was taking care of three young children, running his own business and taking care of the house.
It\'s almost a daily battle to get her husband involved in cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other domestic tasks that no one wants to do but need to do, she said.
She asked, \"Where did the women\'s liberation movement get us from? \" more frustrated than anything else.
\"When we finally did most of the housework.
In fact, maybe we are worse now because we want to have it all.
\"It is true that we do want to have it all-kids, careers, social life, great partners-except that we still seem to be, family trivia was once an integral part of a woman\'s life, it is still basically an integral part of women\'s lives. -
Cleaning, cooking, shopping, child care
This means that we do more things in the family than women in most other countries. .
We were in 2014-we run the business, we run the company, we are doctors, nurses and engineers-however, when it comes to our family life, it seems that our women are stuck in a constant state.
Starting with our mother\'s generation, we hardly seem to move on.
\"Don\'t be locked on the kitchen sink\" is a term often used by 1970 generation feminists to motivate women to get out of the house and into the workplace.
We managed to do it.
Not only did we get into the workplace, we climbed the career ladder and broke the glass ceiling, but the kitchen sink seemed to be always not far away and always tied to us.
You might think women are in high school.
The status of power is not restricted by domestic responsibility.
Sadly, this is not the case.
New England University professor Michael Bitman\'s research suggests that women who earn more than their husbands may do as much housework as women who earn far less than their husbands. :“”.
Is this really the case? Women are so worried about gender norms that we will not dress properly at work and at home. Men are so precious that they find and one that makes the world more money feminine.
The world has changed. Don\'t wait.
If you are a man with an awesome wife and she makes a lot of money, do you really think it\'s okay to sit in your ass and wait for her to clean up your mess after she gets home? you\'re a woman in love-no matter how much you make-not only do you want a vacuum cleaner \"welcome object \", also a vacuum cleaner, do you think it is totally acceptable to be moved around by my family members? I hope most women don\'t think so.
There are many reasons why women still do housework.
Some of us are imitating what our own mothers do at home.
Our parents are our biggest influencers-as we grow up, we can\'t help but find ourselves caught up in the role they play.
In order to keep the family in harmony, women are also most likely to avoid conflict-if that means washing dishes at night and being responsible for the children-that\'s it.
We may silently resent our husband, but at least we don\'t have to argue about it.
Maybe some of us are control freak-we don\'t believe our partner will cook, clean and raise children in the way we think is the best.
If they can\'t do it the way we do it, then we can do it ourselves.
Whatever the reason, enough.
For me, it seems incredible that we have this conversation in this era.
If men do not intend to change their habits, then it is up to women to ensure that they do not relax as a result.
A couple needs to set up templates as soon as they start to fall in love-expecting women not to do all the housework.
As a woman, remember that you are a girlfriend, partner, or wife, but not a servant-not a person who will work for free and may sacrifice everything else.
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