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complete bathroom renovation

by:KingKonree     2020-10-23
This is a small bathroom, but it needs a thorough overhaul to save it from the \"plain ugly --
Designer nightmare
Everything from the floor to the walls to the lights has to be done.
I want to do it myself to save Labor.
It doesn\'t help me save time anyway.
I used to lay a few floors and did some plumbing and electrical work, but never had a shower or completely destroyed the room.
It was a challenging first time, but I learned a lot in the process. Warning -
In the next step, try not to be disgusted with the previous pictures.
This is my first structure, so my picture is vertical and horizontal.
I didn\'t realize they needed to be exactly the same, so some of them didn\'t perform well in format.
This is the ugliest bathroom I \'ve ever been in.
Every time I walk in there, I retreat, so I know it\'s worth it no matter how much pressure and time it ultimately takes.
The poor taste of decoration is the previous owner.
Most of the photos were taken as we completed the purchase of the house.
After we moved into the ugly bone, we lived with it for nearly two years.
Put gloves on a bin.
The smallest bins that our garbage company provides are what we need.
DEMO is the best part.
While removing the pressure, be careful not to break the wires and pipes.
After the shower we found the original 1966 mint green tile.
I like it better than the moldy shower.
This is a long time ago to fix the tiles and plaster walls with heavy metal mesh.
I had to buy a reciprocating saw to get through it.
If you have dealt with plaster walls, you may know what I mean.
Make sure only the necessary cuts are made to avoid redoing too many drywalls.
When removing the toilet, I suggest using some sort of pump first to remove all the water.
I didn\'t have a pump so the water in the toilet splashed on the floor.
Yes, it\'s disgusting.
Remove all substrates with a flat crowbar and make sure not to be in March.
If you have enough space, I would suggest you number these pieces or make some kind of map so that you can easily reinstall them if you don\'t replace them.
I didn\'t replace mine, just painted them white.
As the sink/countertop is built into the wall (
Because it\'s too wide)
I had to cut the wall because the new sink I purchased was too wide to open and unfortunately I had to build it into the wall like I had before.
I think it\'s much more secure.
The dresser slipped out without a problem.
I just tore off the felt floor and tore it together.
If your floor is really stuck, you may have to use a scraper.
Remove any other items from the wall.
Accessories, mirrors, lighting, etc. Demo complete.
Find a friend to help.
I managed to recruit my dad to help with some issues.
To meet my 200 pound shower door, I put 4 studs on the left side of the shower wall.
In my opinion, this app will never be excessive.
After the space came out with a 2x4 frame, I used a foam plastic insulation material of 1/2 to heat the wall.
This is easy when you need to cut in foam.
Simply rate with a common blade and follow 2x4 (
Or large work table)
Installed between bolts.
The next nail 4mm steam barrier covers the entire area using a nail gun.
The best part is to hang the cement board.
2 1/2 concrete screws are used for this purpose.
I was worried that the weight of the tiles would increase, so I used long screws.
Once the cement board is mixed in the direction of the package and applied to the cracks of the cement board using a flat spatula to smooth and seal.
Use silicone caulking in corners and places where you can\'t use morter.
Remove any raised area of morter.
You need to install the shower drain before putting in the shower pan. I chose a no-
Caulk drain thought it would be easier but soon found it had to be blocked.
Luckily, my basement was exposed, so I was able to tie the new pipe to the water pipe directly in the shower.
If you don\'t know how to do thishire a plumber.
Ready to install the shower pan.
There are many options for a wide variety of pot materials.
Fiberglass vs cast iron-what to use?
After a lot of research, I chose an acrylic pot that made me believe that acrylic is stronger and more durable than fiberglass and cheaper than cast iron.
Do your own research to determine what is best for your space.
In short, however, when you stand in the finished shower, you want something that doesn\'t bend, bend, and/or squeak.
If you have a standard size space shower pan, you can get some at the local home improvement shop.
Ordering may be necessary, so be sure to incorporate it into your time frame for renovations, otherwise the project will be delayed for a few months.
Lay the tar paper to cut the proper size of the hole for the drain pipe and lay it on the ground floor.
Mix a bag of 40-pound concrete according to the direction of the package and Pour evenly on the tar paper where the shower pan is located.
Place the shower pan and press to the level.
To ensure this, I purchased a 4 feet level.
This is the last thing you want to leave.
Let the concrete dry for 24 hours.
Put the filter board.
When the concrete is dry under the shower pan, tiles appear on the floor.
Screw the cement board to the ground floor covering the entire area to prepare for the tiles.
I chose an Italian rectangular gray canvas tile.
Looks like a shiny canvas. It\'s rad.
I bought it from www. ppltile.
Com and mosaic tiles for shower.
Mosaic tiles are 3 weeks late but other than that, the price seems to be good and the customer service is also good.
Mix thin sleeves according to packing direction.
Use a 1/1/4 square spatula to lay a thin cover (I used Mapei)
On the back of a tile, press in place.
I used 1/8 intervals to place my tiles and put them in the brick pattern.
I chose to buy a tile saw for cutting, but please check with the local home improvement or hardware store to see if you can rent it.
If I rent for a three hour, it\'s more expensive than buying one, so I chose the cheapest option, and now my next project has a tile saw at hand.
Let the thin sleeve dry 24 hours before grouting.
Remove the gasket according to the packing direction and mix the mud.
Because I used such a fine grouting line (Kera Color S (sanded)Charcoal)
And mud machine.
Carry a bucket of 5 gallons of water, a sponge and an old dry towel with you.
Press about 9 square feet of grouting into the groove at a time, leaving no space or air bag, and use a damp sponge to remove as much excess grouting as possible.
Be sure to get all the mud out.
You can use a dry towel to remove the film you see on the tile before the tile is completely dry.
We are not very close to the people who do things.
Paint walls and ceilings now. Need I explain?
If you are trying to decorate the bathroom, you have painted the walls and ceilings before.
I chose the thin sleeve instead of the mastic and used the Mapei Ultra Flex 1.
Do research to see what works for you, but I\'m impressed with the thin sleeve.
It is set up very quickly, which is the key to hanging wall tiles.
I highly recommend it.
I chose the Italian porcelain gray mosaic tile for the shower wall again.
It has a bed sheet of 12x12 inch, combined with a wax-like substance, which can be easily cut into large and small.
Apply the thin sleeve to the shower wall using the 1/8 tro knife starting from the bottom and press a piece of tile on the thin sleeve by hand or otherwise to make sure it is flat.
Repeat it until you reach the ceiling.
I am concerned about cutting these mosaic tile pieces on the tile saw because they are connected to something with wax, but it works well and does not tear the tile through the saw when applying pressure.
Let thin set dry for 24 hours before groutingI selects Kera Color U (unsanded)White grout.
Mix according to the packing direction, shovel the grouting onto the grouting spatula and press the grouting in all spaces.
Take your time and don\'t miss any areas.
Once the grout is completely dry, there are spray-painted cauldron around the ceiling, the shower pan and the tiles at the end of the wall.
Wait 24 hours to apply grouting sealant.
Sealing materials must be used in order to prevent moisture penetration.
You also want to apply this to the floor.
If you have never done any wires, I would suggest you hire a person or follow the exact instructions that come with any new fixtures.
This can be dangerous if not correct.
Don\'t do it yourself.
Unfortunately, I don\'t have a photo of the process.
Just finished the installation.
This is the Hinkley light fixture.
After I saw the floor display at the local home improvement shop, I ordered a dresser.
Not showing much in this photo, but it\'s orange and ugly.
We sent it back and bought a new one.
Don\'t be afraid to do this if you get something you don\'t like.
People are willing to solve problems with you.
They agree with us that the cabinet is orange, not natural wood.
Place the cabinet in the proper position if needed and have the gasket.
Screw the rear board into the bolts in both places to ensure safety. Using screws (
No toilet topper available)
Screw into the DingTalk to fix.
If needed, add the trim knob using the provided template.
Run a line of caulking glue along the top edge of the dresser and place the sink on top and press in place.
This is a rectangular sink with flat bottom.
If you have something similar, make sure the sink is leveled correctly to avoid incorrect drainage and pooling in the sink.
Read reviews when buying new items.
It is very helpful to avoid problems people encounter.
Reinstall the toilet using a new wax seal.
If you have to cut any part of the wall to make the sink fit, it\'s time to fix it with the damaged new drywall.
If you have no experience with any pipes, you can hire plumber when installing shower and sink fixtures.
I did it myself.
Follow the instructions to avoid any leakage.
Again, it\'s not what you want in the Renault project. Tip -
Take a photo of the pvc pipe before removing it.
This way you can rebuild it later and avoid buying new ones.
You need to clean it up very well.
It will be shot on a large scale.
I used the mastic and 1/16 v notch spatula to glue the tile tailgate.
Cut any necessary parts with a tile saw.
The milk fat should dry faster than the thin sleeve, you can start grouting after about 12 hours, but for safety, you can follow any packing instructions.
Grouting in the same way as the shower, make sure to remove any excess parts to avoid the formation of a permanent film on the tile.
I chose to cut the tiles to make the look of the stair steps, not just to make it straight around.
More sense of design.
Fill the tiles around the top edge and bottom edge where the sink meets.
Use a spray-painted cauldron.
To match all the other decorations in the house, I chose to paint the window decoration White.
I also painted the wall in bright blue.
A good contrast to all the gray and white in other spaces.
You need some sort of window processing for privacy.
Most home improvement shops have ready-made cellular curtains.
This is a custom shade from Bali as the windows are small and match the rest of the house.
Install bathroom accessories as needed.
Towel bar, toilet paper rack, towel ring, door hook, etc.
It is very simple to install with screws and micro screws.
It\'s heavier than me. I don\'t have anyone to help.
Do I need to say more?
Since I chose the illustration without the SOAP/shampoo rack, we installed a wire rack with floor to ceiling.
It is available in Target and Bed Bath as well as other places.
The project ended up with a fully functional bathroom.
I am very happy.
According to our initial budget of $3500, we entered at a low price of $5750-OUCH!
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