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Composite Stone Basin Artificial stone marble price? What should I pay attention to when buying artificial stone?

by:KingKonree     2018-09-24

Artificial marble is a kind of marble stone. It is not a natural material, but a kind of marble product processed by various materials. Compared with natural marble, its hardness, durability and stability are also very good. What is the price of artificial stone marble? When choosing the relevant materials in the decoration, what should I pay attention to when buying artificial stone?

marble price

The price of artificial marble is not a fixed value. Its price is affected by many factors such as brand, variety, specification and quality. The price of general artificial marble is around 300 yuan. The price of concrete marble depends on which product, below. Is the introduction of some of the better selling artificial marble prices:

1. Tianshili artificial stone marble Yinchuan Tianshili artificial stone marble series products: 370 yuan / square meter;

2, Italy fine synthetic artificial marble series products: 750 yuan / square meter;

3. Fujian Quanzhou Dongxing Stone Artificial Marble Nanxing Marble Series: 485 yuan / square meter;

4. Dongguan Ronghe FRP Factory: 160 yuan / square;

5. Shanghai Sanliang Trading Co., Ltd.: 230 yuan / meter;

6. Di Si Man Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.: 480 yuan / piece;

7, Huaxun artificial stone (Jiangxi Office): 550 yuan / Zhang;

8. Guangdong Yunfu Xinligang Stone Development Co., Ltd.: 155 yuan / square;

9. Hunan Yitai Stone Art Co., Ltd.: 520 yuan / square;

10, artificial marble countertops Dao sales department: 1360 yuan / m.

What are the considerations for artificial stone marble?

1. With a variety of color series has the color and texture of natural stone, and can be divided into different series, each series has a variety of colors. When you purchase, you can choose artificial stones with suitable textures and colors to match different home colors and decoration grades.

2. There is no color difference, light weight Users do not have to worry about the influence of color difference on the cabinet when purchasing artificial stone. There is no pore on the surface of artificial stone, oil stains and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it, and the anti-pollution power is strong and easy to clean. The solid surface is made of stone powder, which is thinner and lighter than the natural stone. In the application, the weight of the cabinet can be reduced and the service life can be prolonged.

3. When the countertop of the cabinet is long or there is a corner, it needs to be spliced. The solid surface countertop can be cut into various shapes, combined into a variety of patterns, and seamlessly spliced ​​in the corner processing. After polishing and polishing, it will bring unexpected results.

4. Greener and healthier artificial stone countertop is a mineral-filled polymer composite material which is vacuum cast or molded by natural ore powder, high-performance resin and natural pigment. The functional additives contained in the resin formula technology, It is decided that the artificial stone countertops have excellent environmental protection and can be directly in contact with food. It is a good choice for environmentalists. According to the cost analysis, when the owner chooses the countertop, it is recommended not to buy artificial stone countertops of less than 1,000 yuan, because the quality is difficult to guarantee.

The price of artificial stone marble has different price standards due to its different uses and different brands. When buying artificial marble, the quality of marble products is a key, so we should know more about the artificial stone marble purchase, pay attention to these details when purchasing, it is easier to buy good quality materials.

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