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Constant temperature shower | Love your temperature, is never hot or cold

by:KingKonree     2021-09-19
Constant temperature shower | To love your temperature is to never end a busy day at work. After get off work, I squeeze through the subway like a can of sardines. I am tired when I get home. At this time, nothing can soothe our tired bodies more than a hearty shower. However, not every time you can 'bath' as you like! Are you familiar with such a scene: the water from the shower will be hot and cold, goose bumps will be cold for a while, and croaking will be hot for a while, that's a sour and refreshing! For children, taking a bath like this is easy to catch a cold and burn easily. For the elderly, the hot and cold water temperature can easily irritate blood vessels and even cause myocardial infarction. For women, because of their special menstrual period, the water temperature can be hot and cold. Not only can they not relax their body and mind, but they may also cause dysmenorrhea due to the stimulation of cold water, leading to irritability. In fact, you have a better choice: OLS-7557H intelligent thermostatic multifunctional shower head, let the whole family say goodbye to their worries, and the sense of happiness instantly bursts! What is a thermostatic shower? First of all, you have to understand that the thermostatic shower itself does not heat and does not need electricity. To apply a certain advertising slogan, you can say 'it is just a hot water porter'. To put it simply, the shower water will not be hot and cold, allowing you to take a bath at the same temperature from beginning to end. If you are used to a bath temperature of 38 degrees, the water temperature during the entire bathing process can be kept at 38 degrees! Even if several faucets are using hot water at the same time to cause the water pressure to change, the temperature of the thermostatic shower will not change. Isn’t it awesome? How to achieve Constant Temperature The hot water flows out from the water heater and meets the cold water before reaching the faucet shower. The water temperature depends on the mixing degree of the hot and cold water. Ordinary shower: Regardless of whether the mixing is good or not, the door will be opened and let go, so we need to try and adjust the water temperature by ourselves. Constant temperature shower: the door will be opened only when the water temperature is mixed, so you can wash it directly after the water is discharged. The fundamental reason is that the thermostatic shower has more heat-sensitive elements than ordinary showers. How to choose the thermostatic shower HowToPickGoodOnes Oulusha S2-1 series Jingshang thermostatic shower OLS-7557H, from the design to the valve core is a new upgrade. Ⅰ. Precise temperature control OLS-7557H thermostatic intelligent shower head, adopting the French Wannai intelligent thermostatic valve core, fast response, bid farewell to the troubles of waiting for cold water. 40°C one-key lock temperature, bid farewell to hot and cold, the ideal water temperature can be reached at the touch of a touch, if you need to adjust the water temperature higher, you need to press the safety limit temperature lock, you can choose to adjust, to prevent the elderly and children from being burned by accidental operation. Ⅱ. Safety and anti-scalding Under normal household water pressure (3KG±0.5KG), the outlet water temperature is always controlled at ±1℃ of the preset temperature, which truly realizes precise temperature control and effectively prevents scalding incidents! At the same time, there is a high-temperature cut-off protection device. When the water temperature reaches 49°C, the spool quickly cuts off the water supply, and the faucet automatically limits the flow, ensuring safety. Ⅲ. The material is made of H59 refined copper, which is anti-corrosive, anti-oxidant, durable, and antibacterial. The surface is treated with multi-layer electroplating and passed the 24-hour salt spray test. Ⅳ. Super large scale cleaning top spray 9-inch large top spray, wide shower curtain, wrap the body in a comfortable and warm water bath, allowing the whole body to enjoy the washing of warm water. The internal flow design of the shower head is in contact with the air, so that the water output of each small faucet is uniform. At the same time, the top spray has an automatic descaling function. When the shower is over, the descaling thimble will sink to automatically descaling, without adding 'blocking' to the shower. (
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