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by:KingKonree     2020-09-26

Mirrors are the perfect way to recreate or add to the design of any room in your home. Decorative mirrors are an essential piece of home decor because they are so versatile and practical. Styles and designs vary and there is a large availability online, in particular. Wall mirrors will can be used to complement your existing home design or to add unique character to enhance the style.


First, you have to ask yourself, what is the style you are trying to achieve? Using the bathroom as an example, you want to look for a bathroom wall mirror that coordinates well with the bathroom vanity and lighting. An exact color or finish match is not necessary. Popular mirror styles include traditional or classic style, contemporary, and transitional mirrors such as full length.

Traditional style mirrors are considered to be ageless. You'll find hand carved details and usually darker wood finishes. This style is typically available in rectangular and oval shapes. Contemporary style mirrors are more sleek and clean-lined with a minimalist feel. Look for rich stains, lighter natural woods, and metal finishes. If this is your style go for square, round, or frameless styles that extend beyond the edges of the vanity. A transitional syle is one with a twist of classic design and contemporary flair. Styles involved here often come in all kinds of shapes from large wall mirrors to small groups of mirrors.

Be sure to consider the mirror size that is appropriate for your project. Continuing with the bathroom design example, if you are working with a double sink vanity and a contemporary aesthetic, consider a large, frameless single mirror covering the length of the entire vanity. For a classic aesthetic, try out two oval mirrors, one over each sink bowl. To add personality, you might even consider selecting two different mirrors to place over the individual bowls.

Some Additional Ideas:

- Grouping: Group like mirrors into clusters to give a plain wall some character.

- Look for unusual mirror designs: Mirrors that have designs sandblasted onto them can add interest and a unique quality to your room.

- Custom Mirrors: If you have ideas you want to apply to your design theme, consider having a mirror custom-made for your design.

- Combine Form and Function: Look for mirrors with a mix of both form and function. Large wall mirrors are great for creating an illusion of space and making a bold statement with an ornate frame.

Decorative wall mirrors placed throughout your home can create an amazing and unique living space. How a mirror functions in your d'cor relies on the decisions you make. Before you start shopping, make a budget and stick to it. To ensure that you don't excede your budget, take your time and have fun shopping. This way you'll find your perfect mirror for your project, for sure.


Julia Ritzenthaler is Owner of boutique online furniture stores, http://www.UniqueVanities.com, http://www.UniqeMirrorsOnline.com, & http://www.UniqueLightFixture.com. For more information about bathroom mirrors and large wall mirror ideas, visit us online or email us with your questions at uniquevanities@msn.com.

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