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Corian countertops are built with easy care in mind

by:KingKonree     2020-08-22

You will need a finishing kit as well as soapy water and an ammonia-based cleaner. SolidSurface.com is a great resource for solid surface countertop supplies; they carry a Finishing Kit for matte/satin and semi-gloss finishes and a separate Gloss Finishing Kit. You will likely need to go over the area several times to smooth out the surface and retain your Corian countertop's beautiful shine.

The first step to removing cuts and scratches is to wash your countertop surface thoroughly with the soapy water and ammonia-based cleaner. Do not use window cleaners--these will leave a film, which make the surface too uneven for finishing pads to work properly. Rinse the counter and leave the surface wet, then use the SolidSurface.com finishing kits to complete the next steps.

For all Corian countertop finishes, you will want to sand the entire surface several times left to right and front to back with one of the sandpaper pads included in your finishing kit, then wipe the surface before using a finer grit. The best way to begin is to use the 120 grit pad on the scratch itself, sanding until the scratch is completely gone. Then, move up to the 180 grit pad, sanding in a wider area to help blend the scratched area with the rest of the countertop. To finish the first part of the job, you will want to buff the entire area with the 280 grit pad to give the countertop a matte finish.

The final step is to fully recover the finish's shine so that you do not leave a dull area in the middle of your gorgeous Corian countertop. Matte finishes are simple: after buffing with the 280 grit pad, wipe clean and use the Maroon Scruffbrite pad until the desired shine is attained. For satin finishes, follow this same procedure, but finish by buffing with the 400 grit pad and the Gray Scruffbrite pad. For semi-gloss, go through the steps for matte and satin, then use a 600 grit pad and the Gold Scruffbrite pad. And finally, for a gloss finish, follow the semi-gloss procedure and then use the green buffing compound and wool Buffbrite pad from the Gloss Finishing Kit.

If the result is not as you expected or you do not feel comfortable attempting this on your own, you can always contact a professional refinisher for assistance.

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