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corian® design and futrus solutions collaborate to bring dynamic aesthetics and innovation to the commercial furniture industry

by:KingKonree     2020-03-17
At Neocon this year, Futrus solutions in partnership with coorian®The Vivo terrazzo furniture collection will debut.
This series of elegant commercial furniture is designed using a brand new mid
The color of the century inspiration from Corinthians®Design;
Cobblestone terrazzo, Domino terrazzo, and basalt terrazzo.
The new collection includes Parsons tables, cafe tables, temporary tables and benches.
Inspired by classic geometry, the furniture collection perfectly complements the bold simplicity of the stunning new terrazzo palette with medium
Century Modern background with white, gray and black angle elements.
These elegantly designed pieces, coupled with the durable durability of the callee®Solid surface, creating multi-functional solutions designed to truly withstand the test of time
Use the environment to overcome many challenges brought by traditional terrazzo.
This unique range of furniture is in line with the innovative drive of futrus and also has the ability to integrate the technology, including a seamless Keli®Wireless charging and power outlets provide greater functionality and convenience. Mark Allen, Co-
The founder and chief designer of Futrus will attend the booth to introduce the new Vivo terrazzo series and other new Futrus designs to architects and designers.
Corian Mark Woodman. ®The design and color creative advisor will also host a live lecture focusing on the latest color trends in business and healthcare environments and key insights into future color trays.
\"We are proud to work with innovative companies like Futrus Solutions through coorian®\"Design cooperation,\" said Leandro Rosa, business leader in the American living space of Corion. ®Design.
\"New Vivo terrazzo series with Crean design®Solid Surface is a great example of how we work with the most dynamic design partners in the industry to serve our customers
Rosa added: \"focus on market solutions.
\"The Vivo terrazzo series we designed is the most durable, hygienic and cheap
Maintenance of terrazzo inspired furniture on the market, \"said Mark Allen, president and founding partner of Futrus. ®The solution of Curran®Design.
\"Neocon will also launch a new Futrus Furniture Solutions product line this year, designed to bring lasting form and functionality to any space.
\"Didi\'s occasional picture®The DeeDee table has two matching halves
Round tables, for greater versatility, they are combined into a single cylinder with occasional tables or separate tables.
Any one or two can be chosen. ®Solid surface color for a truly unique look.
Designed for maximum durability, hygiene and long termterm value.
Our unique SpotGuard sanding surface helps reduce the cost of maintenance by reducing ugly fingerprints and traces.
Perfect for business and medical environments.
CLIF benchfutrus CLIF waterfall features a waterfall edge that perfectly balances with a cylindrical base.
The result is a simple, eye-catching design that can be enhanced using a variety of creeds®Solid surface color.
Built with seamless creeds®Solid surface and Futrus®Patented structural framework system with unparalleled durability and collision resistance.
Suitable for internal and external use.
In addition, Futrus will showcase modular and adaptable furniture solutions that bring vitality to many amazing new Creans®Solid surface and Creamer®Quartz colors and patterns, including mahogany Nuwood, are a color that bridges the gap between nature and design materials.
For more information on using the Futrus solution from cooriian Design, visit @ CorianDesign on social media for real-time updates.
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