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countertop options for kitchens abound

by:KingKonree     2020-01-12
For homeowners who want to renovate their kitchen, choose a durable and good one. -
Looking at the desktop is a way to make the room comfortable and practical.
The kitchen is usually the busiest room in the family, where the family cooks, eats, gathers and entertains.
It is also a room that is usually seen and judged by visitors and guests.
Durability, maintainability and appearance are important aspects to keep in mind when choosing workbench.
For example, more beautiful and expensive countertops made of granite or quartz can add value to your home.
\"You have a lot of opportunities for wear and tear.
From a consumer\'s point of view, it\'s important to ensure that the surface you choose is durable, \"said Christine Coffin, DuPont Surface North American Marketing Manager.
Those who buy kitchen countertops should first determine their budget and then study the types of materials available.
Households can access the Internet or find designers, manufacturers and installers in their area in their local telephone directories.
Large retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe\'s also sell kitchen countertops.
According to the National Association of Home Builders, laminated materials produced by Formica and Wilsonart have been the most popular mesa materials in new homes for many years, but they have been replaced by granite.
NAHB reports that in 1999, about 75% of new homes in the United States found reinforced wood flooring countertops, compared with 35% in 2006.
At the same time, the proportion of new residential buildings using granite countertops increased from 15% in 2001 to 40% in 2006.
As granite became more and more popular, its price dropped.
Nevertheless, the most affordable countertop is still laminated material, which is made of compacted paper and plastic synthetic materials. (
Cost: $12-20 per square foot. High-
Pressure laminate has smooth surface, easy cleaning and various colors.
They even have high-end styles that mimic the appearance of granite or quartz.
Bill Roush, communications director at Formica corp, said: \"You can buy a hardwood floor that looks like $1 million, but it\'s not too expensive. You can buy a refrigerator that\'s below zero. \"
But there are obvious seams on the countertops of reinforced wood flooring, which may absorb dust or food. If they are damaged by people who cut and scratch the countertops, they cannot be repaired.
The color fades with time.
In addition, there are solid wood countertops, which are generally more expensive than hardened wood flooring, starting at about $35 per square foot.
Corian Solid Surface of Acrylic Acid Produced by DuPont Company-
Porous and easy to clean, can be integrated with solid surface flume.
However, solid surfaces may not withstand high temperatures.
Laminates and solid surfaces are cheaper than granite. Granite is strong and durable. If maintained properly, it can be used for a long life.
Because of its rich and colorful color and texture, it can add beauty and elegance to the kitchen.
Including installation, granite may cost hundreds of dollars per square foot.
It is porous, so it must be treated with sealant to resist stains.
If not, the stain is difficult to remove.
\"Granite is also very heavy, so installers have to make sure the table is properly supported,\" said Stephen Mellman, head of economic services at NAHB.
Another problem with granite is that radon is released from some granite platforms because they contain uranium.
According to a July report in the New York Times, some people have suggested that granite mesa is carcinogenic. -
Cause radon and radiation.
Scientists seem to agree that this level is low, but it has long had a precise impact on humans. -
Long-term exposure remains unclear.
An increasingly popular mesa material is quartz, a natural stone as strong as granite.
But it\'s not. -
Porous, so there is no need to seal.
DuPont\'s Zodiaq production line and Cambria Quartz are two quartz mesa manufacturers.
Cambria\'s quartz mesa looks like granite, and its color is the same.
But Cambria\'s marketing director, Peter Martin, says it does have seams and is expensive, more than $60 per square foot.
\"There\'s an ideal component, along with stone countertops.
It\'s a more luxurious feeling, \"Martin said.
The working table can also be made of Rootstocks to facilitate the use of chefs and their knives.
They really need to be cleaned carefully.
Ceramic tile is easy to clean, good heat resistance, but not uniform, easy to crack or crack.
Other mesa surfaces include stainless steel and concrete.
But the latest participants in the market are recycled glass, a \"green\" product offered by some manufacturers, including Icestone LLC from Brooklyn, New York. Y.
Icestone is made of natural products and does not contain resin or plastics.
But Susan Gardner Dartman, head of communications at Icestone, says they are expensive, at $75 or more per square foot.
Manufacturers like DuPont are also developing countertops with recycled materials.
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