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countertops 101 - basics on choosing a kitchen countertop material

by:KingKonree     2020-02-10
For many people, the kitchen is the most important room in their home.
Most real estate experts believe that the best way to improve or increase the value of the property of the House is to renovate the kitchen.
The four main components of the kitchen renovation usually include the replacement of the main appliances, the installation of a new floor, the replacement or re-installation
Facing the kitchen cabinets, install a new countertop.
Let\'s focus on the final components.
Replace your current kitchen countertop material with the new kitchen countertop material.
Of course, it\'s not just running to the store to pick a new countertop for your kitchen.
You need to think about how much you want to spend first.
You also need to consider how much time and effort you need to spend maintaining your new countertop.
Finally, you will seriously consider the style and look you want in the kitchen.
No matter what type of countertop you install, it will be the focus of the whole room.
The first countertop that comes to mind for every anxious kitchen decorator is granite.
However, there are many options for countertop materials
Granite is just one of them.
Nowadays, a promising kitchen remodel has a choice of tiles, stones, acrylic, concrete, stainless steel and laminate, and even wood!
Granite begins with the most popular granite.
Granite countertops are the most popular but the most expensive. Why?
In addition to the beautiful surface, the granite is very heat resistant and scratch resistant.
Granite countertops are very durable and can be used for a long time.
Granite countertops will never be out of date, and the installation of granite slabs will greatly increase the value of the house. The drawbacks?
In addition to the cost, Granite is a natural stone that is porous.
To prevent dyeing, a sealer will be required.
Another option is to replace large slabs with granite tiles.
The cost savings for tiles are high.
It is important not to use the granite surface as a cutting plate because it will dim the surface (
Destroyed a knife or two. )
In addition to Granite, there are a variety of other stone surfaces on the kitchen counter.
Nowadays, the surface of quartz, marble, limestone, soapy stone and slate is very popular.
Smooth and cool marble is the perfect choice for preparing food directly on the surface.
It is not as durable as granite and requires more sealing maintenance to prevent dyeing.
The slate is very durable, the surface is very unique and stands out in the kitchen.
As the slate is used as a roof material, there is not much sealing protection required, but some maintenance is still required.
Limestone is very porous and must be treated quickly to prevent staining.
It has a natural, weathered look that will deepen and darken over time.
The appearance of natural quartz is similar to that of slate, but it is not easy to dye or scratch.
Engineering quartz is also becoming more and more popular, but the cost is much higher (
Engineering materials are a quartz composite product mixed with epoxy, polymer and small stones or pebbles with a unique look and feel. )
TILEGlazed tiles and tiles have been popular in the kitchen for decades.
It has a wide variety of colors, shapes and designs.
Tiles can be as small as square inches and as large as six square inches.
The tiles are durable and also have the same heat resistance and scratch resistance as granite.
Tiles are usually more expensive than tiles, but tiles are more durable and are the hardest tiles to fire.
Disadvantages of tiles?
It can be easily chip, more expensive than laminated alternatives, grouting can be a problem.
When the tiles are put together, there is a grouting line between each tile, and the grouting line is easily stained.
It needs more maintenance in order to keep it look good.
Due to grouting problems, the ability of tiles to break easily and debris, and the overall cost, it is better to leave the installation work to the professionals.
Concrete concrete is not only suitable for sidewalks or lanes.
The concrete countertops are colored and can be polished to a smooth and shiny surface similar to any natural stone.
The counter can be formed in the factory or cast on site.
The concrete is quite porous and needs to be sealed regularly, similar to Granite to resist stains.
It can be made in any shape with any thickness.
Concrete also has heat resistance and scratch resistance.
The counter can be made in a variety of colors and textures.
Disadvantages of concrete?
The required sealing device is not the only protection device required.
In order to prevent stains and water damage, the sealing device needs to be waxed every one to three months, so extensive maintenance can be carried out.
Without leaving traces, you can\'t cut on the concrete surface.
Concrete is also very expensive.
When it comes to the stainless steel kitchen counter, one might think of the stainless steel STEELA restaurant first.
But there is a reason why most restaurants use this material.
Durability, stain resistance and waterproofing, low maintenance, selection of various sizes and shapes are just a few of the reasons.
Cleaning is also very easy and you can put a hot pan or pan on the surface without worrying about damaging it. Drawback -
Many people don\'t like its \"industrial\" look.
It can be quite expensive.
It is possible to leave marks by cutting on it, and it is easy to dent.
It is important to ensure that the surface has at least 18 specifications and has 8 to 10% nickel.
Wood is sometimes called a butcher\'s block countertop, and the wood counter is usually made of maple leaves or oak strips glued together.
But almost all hardwood floors can be made into countertops.
Bamboo countertop is the latest trend!
The wood counter material has a warm, beautiful look and can have a variety of shades and textures.
Perfect for those who want to cut directly on the counter surface.
It can be polished and re-sealed with any depth cut, scratch or stain.
Easy to install and reasonable price. Drawbacks?
The wood is not very hard, it is easy to burn, scratch or dent.
The wood can be bent from regular water contact or blackened near the sink.
Regular sealing is required.
LAMINATEFormica is the most common name for intensive counters.
It is made of a thin layer of plastic that is glued to a broken board or wood.
The plastic laminate counter is very cheap and light in weight with endless colors and patterns to choose from.
It is easy to clean as a plastic material.
Because it\'s pre-
Form, for a do-it-
Install it yourself.
Disadvantages of Fumika?
Although some of these counters are durable, they will not last forever.
The laminate is not resistant to heat or scratch, but stain.
Grinding cleaner can make the surface dull and scratch.
Excessive exposure to moisture can lead to warping or water spots.
The color or pattern will fade over time.
Acric ic/solid surface counter is custom top
For any application.
Popular companies include the likes of Corinthians, Avani and Swanstone.
These surfaces are durable, waterproof, easy to clean, no.
Even resistant to mold and bacteria.
Scratches or scratches can be polished off.
Disadvantages include the problem of surface treatment hot pot, high cost, large weight requires a good solid cabinet base (
Similar to natural stone. )
Some people don\'t like the plastic or \"fake\" look of the material, but the material does have a wide variety of colors to choose from.
Changing the kitchen counter top is just a step towards your goal of renovating the kitchen, but many think it\'s the biggest step.
You can really state your kitchen and your home with the right choice of countertop material.
Of course, once you \'ve dealt with those shabby counters in your home, it really makes those old cabinets, floors and appliances stand out!
This is just part of the process of increasing the value of your property.
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