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Creative sink that makes the bathroom no longer ordinary

by:KingKonree     2021-04-09

It seems that all bathrooms in the house are so the same. Today, I will bring you some creative bathroom sink designs to make your bathroom no longer ordinary.

Recommendations for creative hand basins

Aquarium hand basins: a fully transparent appearance, and the fish and aquatic plants inside are genuine. The upper cover can be removed for cleaning the fish tank and planting aquatic plants. There is also a water circulation system inside, of course, it is not the use of hand washing water to do the circulation. A set of 4,500 dollars, not cheap fish tanks and sinks.

Oak barrel sink: This sink is really made from oak barrels, and because it is not fixed on the wall, the overall stability particularly increases the lead content. It can be said that the design of the sink in the beer hall and the bar is quite suitable.

Nautilus fossil sink: unique shape, water flows down the pipe in a whirlpool. In addition to styling, it also adds a lot of elegant fun. But don't get me wrong that this is made of real fossils. No one has spoiled the precious species that have survived thousands of years. This is the shape of a Nautilus fossil using cement, so please feel free to wash your hands when you use it!

LED lighting sink: Although the red light looks weird, but this LED sink can make a variety of color changes, Don't be misled by the pictures, thinking this is a horrible washbasin. In fact, it's quite romantic when it emits purple and yellow light!

Cup-shaped sink: This cup-shaped sink shows the taste of fashionable home furnishings. The main color is white, and the shape of the cup creates a sense of fashion.

Bicycle washstand: Isn't it a different kind of rustic style bathroom with such an old-fashioned bicycle washstand? The pastoral atmosphere and the retro atmosphere are perfectly combined.

Artistic washbasin: Who said that the washbasin in the bathroom does not have an artistic feeling? The building is depicted on the outside of the washbasin, and this washbasin is made with a black and white technique that is very artistic.

Self-made washstand

Materials needed: wood boards, cement, sand, fine stones, steel bars, newspapers;< /p>

Step 1. Find a piece of flat ground and nail a box with a 3*5 cm square wooden square. The inner space of this box is the size of the countertop of the vanity you want to make, and the height is 5 cm;


Step 2. Prepare newspaper or plastic film, which is slightly larger than the wooden frame;

Step 3. Use No. 8 yuan silk to plant the bar, 5-6 cm square, for the intersection of the yuan silk Tie the wire, which is slightly smaller than the empty space in the wooden frame;

Step 4. Cement, river sand, fine stone, press 1:2:2 Stir evenly in the proportion of the mortar;

Step 5. Spread newspaper or plastic film under the wooden frame, place the wooden frame on it, and place a few bricks around the wooden frame to prevent deformation when pouring the cement mortar. For the steel bar made by Yuansi, use a few small stones to padded the steel bar by about 1 cm, and then pour cement. After filling, use an iron plate to artificially vibrate, and when the surface is dried, use the iron plate to smooth it.

Finally, put a layer of river sand on the cement slab, water it for curing, and it will survive 3-5 days later.

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