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creepypasta - cat just wants to play

by:KingKonree     2020-02-22
About my house, first of all, I want to start the story, describing my house, especially my bathroom, as it relates to the story of the house I built in 1930s.
This is a house with two rooms and one bathroom.
The bathroom was a bit crowded.
When facing the entrance of the bathroom from the corridor, you can see the mirror at the far end of the bathroom.
The mirror extends to my waist (thankfully).
Walking through my bathroom and always seeing my reflection, it\'s always a little weird, but if I don\'t see my reflection I think I\'ll be a vampire.
No, there\'s no vampire in my story.
Anyway, the bathtub/shower is on the left.
This is an old-fashioned shower that uses curtains to prevent water from spewing out.
I actually used a plastic curtain inside and there was a nice fabric curtain outside.
It was quite quiet to come in, but the sound of going out was loud due to the plastic shower curtain.
Toilet and sink on the right.
Since this is an old fashioned bathroom, there is no vent to clear the air after taking a shower.
So the fog in the bathroom is very big.
I have windows on both sides of the mirror, but they barely open due to age.
So, after I take a shower, I tend to open the door a little and let the steam out.
This makes it easy for me to see myself in the mirror when shaving.
Also, the door must be closed all the time in order to sit in the toilet.
If the door is open it will stop me from entering the toilet or if I am in the toilet it will hit me on my knee.
Now that you know the layout of the bathroom, let\'s start my regular morning activities.
My morning routine I follow the same routine most of the time, whether I wake up to work or take a weekend off.
The first thing I wake up is to go to the bathroom.
Like most people, I do business right away when I go in, and then I go to the shower.
I like the hot shower so the bathroom is very wet.
Because it is such a small bathroom, the steam will soon accumulate.
Oh, you might ask why I don\'t leave the door open when I take a shower.
I can\'t do it because of my cat Terra.
Terra likes to be with me.
She is a hybrid of Siam/Thai.
Very beautiful cat, like me very much.
She knows my morning routine.
But she hates water, so I won\'t let her in the bathroom when I take a shower.
Anyway, I took a shower and went out to dry.
At this point I open the door and let the steam come out and clear the air, especially the mirror.
Terra advances her way at this point.
She tends to come in, rub my wet legs, get angry and leave.
Since she opened the door very big every time, I almost closed it completely.
Terra then decided to come back and open the door again.
This is routine for us.
I won\'t close the door all the time because the steam will never go away if I close it.
The last part I made in the bathroom was shaving.
I took an electric razor and shaved my whole face.
I hate shaving.
So I tend to shave on the toilet seat.
It was a lazy way when I just woke up.
Then I went to the mirror to make sure I didn\'t miss anything.
Terra knew this too, so she pushed the door but did not come in.
I pushed it back and then she pushed it wider.
We did it a few times, just like the game I played with her.
In the end, she either gave up or pushed it wide enough to come in by herself.
One morning, I decided to wake up around 5: 00 in the morning.
It was really dark at the time and it was never a big deal for me.
I walked into the bathroom as usual for routine.
Terra also enters and exits as usual.
She\'s more excited than usual, but I haven\'t fed her yet, so she\'s just a little fidgety.
I made my stuff and ended up sitting on the toilet and starting to shave.
Terra started pushing the door as usual and may wish me to push back.
Of course I did it.
She will push a little and then I will push it back.
She will push a little more and then I will push back a little harder.
This went back and forth several times.
When I pushed back again, I heard the plastic shower curtain rustling and my cat jumped out of the tub.
When she scared me out of the tub, my heart beat.
But then my heart stopped beating.
Who has been pushing the door, what have I been pushing back?
Before I had a chance to stand up, the door pushed hard and nailed my legs between the toilet and the door.
I looked to the right and I saw a set of yellow cat eyes in the mirror, but it was much bigger.
It looks like the cat just wants to play.
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