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Crystal stone cabinet countertops are good

by:KingKonree     2021-04-13

Speaking of cabinet countertops, there are many kinds of materials. The quality of cabinet countertops has a great relationship with the material. How about cabinet crystal stone countertops? The price of cabinet crystal stone countertops and how to maintain them? All of these need to be considered by us. Before purchasing, we need to understand some knowledge of cabinet countertops. Let me introduce to you!

  Crystal stone cabinet countertop is good:

   We know that crystal stone is an alias, also called crystal, crystal is a colorless and transparent quartz crystal mineral . Its main chemical is silicon dioxide, which is a substance that is 'the same as ordinary sand.' When the crystal of silicon dioxide is perfect, it is crystal; when silicon dioxide is gelatinized and dehydrated, it is agate; when the water-containing colloid of silicon dioxide is solidified, it becomes opal; when the crystal grain of silicon dioxide is less than a few microns, it forms chalcedony, flint, and secondary. Quartzite.

   There are also many artificial stone materials for cabinet countertops. The biggest advantage of crystal stone cabinet countertops is that it has better resistance to penetration. Generally, it is difficult for some dirty things to penetrate into it, which guarantees Our diet is safe, and the hardness is similar to ordinary artificial stone. The third characteristic of man-made crystal is clean and flawless. In addition to the top-level natural crystals that are transparent and flawless, the natural crystals often have inclusions and cotton, while the artificial crystals are crystal clear. Some artificial crystals have bubbles or some solid impurities. Nowadays, some artificial crystals often have some triangular long tubular pores, and there are green or red powders in these pores. Crystal stone for cabinet countertops has rich colors, easy to clean, no radioactivity, good penetration, heat resistance, impact resistance, etc. Generally speaking, it is more suitable for crystal stone countertops.

The advantages of    crystal stone cabinet countertops:

   At present, most cabinets on the market use artificial stone cabinet countertops, and artificial crystal stone is also a kind of artificial stone, which is different from ordinary Compared with the artificial stone cabinet countertops, the biggest advantage of crystal stone cabinet countertops is that it has better anti-permeability, dirt is not easy to penetrate into the cabinet countertops, and the hardness is almost equal to ordinary artificial stone cabinet countertops.

  Crystal stone cabinet countertop Disadvantages:

   The crystal stone contains a lot of resin and has poor hardness. It looks crystal clear and the surface of the crystal stone cabinet countertop The very bright layer is the resin of the brush. The surface of the countertop will be cracked for a long time and cannot be repaired. The hard objects (pots, fishing) rubbing on the surface will cause small crumbs, but they are invisible to the naked eye, but these small crumbs It is easily absorbed by people who cook, so it is unhealthy. In general, crystal stone cabinet countertops have the characteristics of rich colors, easy to clean, anti-fouling, non-radioactive, non-toxic, impact resistance, heat resistance, flame retardancy, repairability, strong plasticity, seamless splicing, etc. Processing of different specifications according to customer needs.

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