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Deciding which style of bathroom you want should

by:KingKonree     2020-06-10
Start trawling the internet for ideas and you are bombarded with everything from compact en-suite shower rooms to outdoor bathrooms with no roof. The decision ogo for an outdoor bathroom or not is easy to eliminate if you live in a cold climate but it is just one example of the enormous range of designs and styles to choose from. You might think the answer is to get in a professional bathroom designer but, cionversely, they often have fairly limited ideas. They go with the products and styles that have worked well for them in the past and are rarely adventurous or daring. So if you are looking for something out of the ordinary then you may well have to design it yourself. But never fear it can be done and done well - a bathroom that will stand out from the crowd just needs some careful consideration. Here is a quick checklist to get you started: Draw a scale plan of your existing bathroom - you will need this to help you decide whether you can reasonably fit in that walk-in shower or double-ended, over-sized bath. Don't assume that all the sanitary ware must be located in the same position as your old items. Old bathrooms can often be poorly designed so try and look at the space afresh. Do ensure there is adequate ventilation in the form of a good extractor fan and an opening window (if possible). Buy the most expensive extractor fan your budget will allow as it has a tough job to do and many cheaper models simply aren't up to it. Think about lighting at the early stages - mini LED lights can be used to create a great atmosphere when built into the walls or bath panel, or even into a rain water shower head. Think carefully about the practical aspects of the wall and floor tiles. Buy matching ones if you can but remember that tiled floors can be slippery so the slip rating is important. Also consider carefully the types of wall tiles in the shower area and the type of water in your area. High gloss porcelain tiles and hard water are not a match made in heaven. Matt finish tiles will stand the test of time far better in hard water areas.
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