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Design and installation method of balcony sink

by:KingKonree     2021-04-07

The setting of the balcony sink can not only solve the problem of insufficient bathroom space, but also play a role in beautifying the balcony. But how to design the balcony sink? Let's take a look.

The design of the balcony washstand

1. The balcony is originally a sunny area, and it is also an area for drying clothes. Creating a laundry area on the balcony is both scientific and practical. Create a storage space for the drum washing machine, and place a countertop on it, which is a protection for the machine and can also place some washing products. With some green plants, the small space is full of life.

2. If the balcony space is relatively large, create a washing area on one side to make full use of the space. A sink is equipped with a storage cabinet for a drum washing machine. The heights are arranged in a random pattern. The curtains can effectively prevent the machine from exploding. A small space takes everything into consideration.

3. The white decoration style makes the balcony refreshing and refreshing. It makes full use of the corner of the balcony to create a washing area. The first choice for house decoration. The design of the upper and lower cabinets maximizes the use of space and adds storage functions. The dry environment on the balcony is very suitable for placing machines.

4. Hide the washing area of u200bu200bthe family on the balcony, which not only does not destroy the integrity of the balcony, but also facilitates home life. The design style of the tiles in the washing area is the same as the design style of the balcony tiles. The setting of the high and low consoles makes the washing area no longer rigid.

Installation of the balcony washstand

1. Remove the washing machine, and then pre-arrange it once.

2. From the start of launching, first use the 50 elbow to align the water outlet, and then connect the 50 elbow to the 50 water pipe, and then transfer the 50 water pipe to the 32 water pipe. Because 32 adapters only cost the general price of 50 adapters, that is to say, the same number of adapters can save half of the money. Then why not use the 32 tube directly? Because the drain of the basin must be 50 pipes to be covered, 32 pipes cannot be covered.

3. If there is no positioning when using PVC glue to stick the boundary, the angle of each red circle elbow is not in place. The elbow at the drain cannot be vertically aligned with the stainless steel drain on the upper side. The two elbows at the back make the elbow in the corner upturn and cannot be connected to the ground drain. This can only be done again. First saw off the scraps. Then first pre-arrange, and then draw with oil pen

4. Note: The water pipe connecting the basin drain can not be glued with PVC glue. Just plug it into the connector, so as to avoid the problem of the basin draining, it will be more convenient to replace the basin drain. Also, the floor drain connected to the ground cannot be glued with PVC glue. In this way, when the floor drain needs to be replaced, the movable water pipe can be removed to replace it, otherwise the entire drain pipe must be moved.

5. Put the washing machine back in place.

Although the balcony has many benefits, friends who pay attention to Feng Shui should pay attention to the fact that the balcony can see the river. Fortune star sees water, but the sink on the balcony makes his fortune. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully about setting up the sink on the balcony. If you really want to set up a sink on the balcony, you can choose to put yellow wax stone on the balcony to enhance your luck.

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