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Design considerations for bathroom sinks

by:KingKonree     2021-04-12

The sink, we use it every day. The first thing we do when we wake up in the morning is to stand in front of the sink and take care of ourselves. So how should the bathroom sink design be more reasonable?

Precautions for the decoration of bathroom sinks

Space determines the form. The sink is roughly divided into two types: free-standing and desktop. The free-standing model has beautiful appearance, small floor space, and easy maintenance, suitable for bathrooms with little space. However, it needs to be equipped with a mirror box or a washstand in order to use the space above the pool to place some toiletries and cosmetics. The desktop sink should occupy at least the space of a small desk. Toilet utensils can be placed on its countertop, and sundries can be placed in the cabinet below. If the bathroom area is not large, you can consider installing a triangular sink in the corner of the wall, and a triangular debris shelf can be hung above the pool to store washing supplies. Folding the washbasin can save space; the height of the faucet and the height of the bathing station should be adjusted within a certain range, so that it can be adapted to more people; the height of the faucet can be adjusted according to the drinking straw, and twist it according to your needs Into the form you need. ; The water pipe is not as good as it is designed to be made of a relatively hard material, which consists of two pieces of different thicknesses that can be set together and can be moved up and down in sections.

Pay attention to the height. Regardless of whether it is a free-standing or a benchtop sink, the height of the pool or countertop should be 80-85 cm above the ground, because a too short pool can cause back pain. In the furniture renovation, the drawers are turned into stairs for children to step on. Like the McDonald’s adult and children’s dining table, one large and one small sink can be designed to be an angle for adults to wash, normal placement, and children to wash. It is also safe to tilt and install a folding and retractable shelf. You can put children on it. , No need to put the sink under the washbasin, the sink can be rotated up and down without taking up space, the mother basin does not move, the sub basin can be hidden when not in use, it can be moved out when used, and the water can flow directly from the mother basin. Transfer to the sub-basin.

Pay attention to the finish. The edge of the sink must be slightly higher than the countertop, but the connection with the countertop must be smooth. The purpose is to wipe the water splashed on the countertop back into the pool without obstruction, and at the same time facilitate the cleaning of the countertop. The table itself must be made of materials with a smooth surface, and the edges and corners must be smooth to avoid bumps. The smoothness of the sink itself is also very important. The high smoothness of the pool surface makes it difficult for the sundries in the water to adhere to the surface, which relatively reduces the number of scrubbing.

The design of the bathroom sink

1. Southeast Asian style, mix and match the bathroom entrance with the popular naked blue brick decoration , The mirror uses a European retro oval mirror. The marble countertop is changed from the traditional plain color and white strips to form a rectangular block, which reflects the rectangular block on the wall. Perfect artistic style.

2. The solid wood ceiling and solid wood door are both a Chinese retro style, using blue and white porcelain pots and solid wood storage cabinets, and solid wood framed mirrors, the whole style is coordinated and unified, with a strong retro style The mixed and matched bathroom porch makes you feel like traveling back to ancient times.

3. The iron fence used in the home decoration seems a bit uncoordinated, so add the double countertop washbasin next to it and the wire flower-shaped border mirror, then everything is in harmony. Such a mix and match bathroom entrance gives you a different style.

Finally, please note that, as a rule, the depth of the sink is directly proportional to the strength of the water flow of the faucet installed on it, that is, the deep pool can be installed Faucet with strong water flow. Never install a large faucet on a pool with a shallow bottom, as this will cause people to splash on the body when using water. The bottom of the pool must have enough curvature and not be too flat, otherwise water will accumulate in it.

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