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Detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-03

Artificial stone countertops are one of the more mainstream countertop products, and its advantages and disadvantages are more obvious, so we must comprehensively refer to the two aspects of information when purchasing, and then make a selection.

Advantages of artificial stone countertops

1. There are no pores on the surface of artificial stone, and oil and water stains cannot easily penetrate into it. Strong stain resistance and easy to clean. Artificial stone is processed from stone powder, and the product is relatively thin, and its weight is lighter than natural stone. In application, it can reduce the load-bearing of the cabinet and prolong the service life of the cabinet. Some people are always afraid of choosing stone as the countertop of cabinets. If there is a color difference, it will affect the effect of the decoration. In fact, this kind of worry can be completely eliminated when you choose artificial stone. Because the surface of artificial stone is very flat without any pores, so that oil stains cannot easily penetrate into the stone, its anti-pollution ability is still very strong, and it is relatively easy to clean. Because it is made of stone powder, the artificial stone is thinner and lighter in weight. In this way, the pressure on the cabinet is reduced, which can extend the service life of the cabinet.

2. Using artificial stone to make cabinets and countertops is more environmentally friendly and more conducive to people's health. We know that artificial stone is made of natural mineral powder and fat, as well as natural pigments after casting, and then special treatment, processing. The resin in these materials is a kind of functional additives, which makes artificial Stone has a very efficient environmental performance. If food comes into contact with this kind of stone, there is no hygiene problem. Therefore, it is a very good material for modern kitchen cabinet countertops. Therefore, many modern home decorations will choose As a kitchen countertop, artificial stone with resin content is not only beautiful in appearance, but also hygienic and environmentally friendly, which is conducive to a healthy family diet.

3. When the countertop of the cabinet is long or there is a corner, it needs to be spliced. The artificial stone countertop can not only be cut into various shapes and combined into a variety of patterns, but also can be used in corner treatment Achieve seamless splicing. After being polished, the connection is smooth and beautiful, and there is no trace of connection.

Disadvantages of artificial stone countertops

It is not resistant to bracing. Artificial stone of any material has a Barcol hardness of 58~ Between 62, it cannot withstand sharp objects such as metals. Artificial stone countertops are easy to repair. After scratches or stains infiltrate, you can ask dedicated maintenance personnel to polish and polish, or use special water sandpaper to polish; when there are cracks, use stone glue first, and then proceed. Polishing; In order to avoid the trouble of repairing, pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times. When placing the tableware, handle it gently, without dragging, and put on the heat insulation pad; keep the countertop clean, wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth in time, and then wipe the countertop with a dry cloth Dry; place heavy objects evenly and do not cut vegetables directly on the countertop.

Types of artificial stone countertops

Generally speaking, there are five categories of artificial stone, namely, crystal jade board, aluminum powder board, composite acrylic board, pure acrylic board, and quartz stone board. . The mainstream is mainly artificial quartz stone countertops, pure acrylic countertops and composite acrylic countertops. Due to habit, although artificial quartz stone belongs to the general category of artificial stone, acrylic and other materials are still called artificial stone countertops in the market, and artificial quartz stone countertops are called quartz stone countertops, which are distinguished from other artificial stone countertops.

Whether it is acrylic stone or quartz stone, the material composition determines the quality. It is not that quartz stone is better than artificial stone. Just like acrylic stone, quartz The stone market is also mixed. When choosing stone, users should compare the composition of the manufacturer and the product as much as possible. Try to require sellers to show product test reports and after-sale certificates.

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