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Detailed explanation of the structure of the tatami lifting platform

by:KingKonree     2021-04-18

   In order to improve the quality of home life, many families keep up with the trend of the times. Tatami is one of the more popular soft furnishings at the moment. When decorating and designing, many young friends like to make tatami in the living room or study room at home. So what is the structure of the tatami lifting platform?

  Tatami lifting platform structure

  1, the combination of the tatami lifting platform and the platform allows us to decorate more Dahua utilizes the ground space, and the lift is divided into two types: manual and electric. The manual lift is a lifting method with the center handle rotating. The center lifting column is made of aluminum alloy and a variety of wood grain board materials, and has two structures of three or four sections. The electric elevator is driven by electricity and combines two lifting methods at the same time, one is wireless remote control.

  2, the other is switch lift. The center lifting column material has a variety of wood grain board materials. And equipped with a variety of safety functions, such as automatic power-off protection, temperature control motor protection, overload protection, mechanical anti-pressure rebound function, child lock function, to ensure safety and reliability in use. The height of the lift is freely adjustable whether it is manual or electric.

This is the end of the introduction to the structure of the tatami lifting platform. I hope our analysis can be helpful to everyone! If you want to know more about home decoration, you can Click on the picture below for a detailed understanding.

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