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Did you choose the right bathroom cabinet?

by:KingKonree     2021-06-30

There are tips for buying bathroom cabinets

For the purchase of bathroom cabinets, we can choose a suitable bathroom cabinet according to its classification and characteristics. Generally, families choose from the size of the bathroom space. Here are two types of space selection tips.


Large space and multi-purpose

Large space is suitable for the selection of integrated bathroom cabinets with multiple functions and large sizes. In a large bathroom, dry and wet are generally separated, and various toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc. are placed in separate categories, so that each item has an independent storage space, making it more convenient and hygienic for users. For large bathroom spaces, the versatile large size is very suitable.


Small space, great use

Small space is suitable for combination type and wall-mounted type. In the small bathroom, showers and toilets already occupy a lot of space, and it is not easy to separate dry and wet. You can choose a small size for the main cabinet and bathroom mirror, and then choose a hanging cabinet. The hanging cabinet is usually installed on the toilet and next to the bathroom mirror, so that although the main cabinet is small, the hanging cabinet can hold a lot of items, making full use of the upper part of the bathroom. space.

Maintenance tips for bathroom cabinets

Prevention of water leakage in the window 1 Some cleaning products such as soap and facial cleanser are often placed on the bathroom cabinet. It is best to clean up the cleaner that accidentally flows out, or Put a layer of cloth under the cleaning supplies. 2 The principle of maintenance of solid wood cabinets is to keep fresh and ventilated, separate from dry and wet, try to keep the bathroom air unobstructed, and develop the habit of opening windows and doors. 3 Generally, high-quality bathroom cabinets will be treated with strict moisture-proof treatment, but this does not mean that they can be watered or splashed unscrupulously during use. If there are scratches on the wood, moisture will invade, and no matter how good the wood is, it may be deformed or foamed.

Prevention of window water leakage 4 Bathroom cabinets are used for a long time, and the door hinges and guide rails are loose. Carefully remove the screws, align the original holes and add wood chips of the same size and apply a little 502 glue to achieve a stable effect. 5Natural marble countertops are easy to get dirty, so you should regularly use a soft damp cloth and add some detergent to gently scrub and wipe dry. 6 Can't just consider the price and ignore the practicality: The quality is the first at all times, and the quality and practical considerations cannot be ignored because of the greed for cheap.

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