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different types of solar swimming pool heaters

by:KingKonree     2020-02-16
Credit: Renato Cardoso through sxc.
HuAre are you planning to heat your pool with solar energy? Various types of solar heaters vary in the material used to build the collector, the durability, efficiency and price of the system.
If you want to get the best value for money, research your options before deciding to buy.
Let\'s start with an overview of solar heaters available for sale from a different type.
The solar pool without glass the heatersThese heater lacks a glass protective layer on the collector.
They are your best choice and it is a great opportunity.
Although the efficiency is lower than the glaze collector, they are cheap enough to meet the typical pool heating needs.
Glazed solar heaters are made of many narrow (0. 5 cm diameter)
Tube, in the wide 4-
5 cm pipes, connect the collector and provide a closed system for the water cycle.
Unglazed panels are made of solid rubber or plastic.
Let\'s see how these materials affect the performance of glass-free pool heaters that utilize solar energy.
The glazed rubber solar pool heatersThey is made up of rubber strips that are attached to an inflexible gas collector.
The efficiency of the rubber solar cell heater is lower than that of the plastic solar cell heater, because the thick rubber tube wall takes more time to conduct heat, and the gap between the bands causes the collector to lose warmth faster
They can last for 15 years before you need to replace collectors.
When you seek an affordable solution, consider installing an unglazed rubber heater.
The glass-free plastic solar pool heatersSolar pool heater made of plastic is somewhat flexible when warm.
The collector pipes are welded together to either form a solid surface or contain space, which increases the heat loss in the collector, but makes the structure more stable and wind-resistant.
The fixture of the stainless steel and rubber joint connects the panel together after the construction is completed.
The standard width of plastic solar panels is 1.
2 M, different length.
The unglazed plastic solar pool heater lasts about 15-
When plastic materials contain UV protection, an average of 20 years.
Consider using these when you\'re looking for the best value for money in the pool heating system.
Solar Collector kit for the sun in the ground pool-
Pool heaters powered by the above-ground pool, you can find the complete solar collector kit and sell the free solar collector.
Keep in mind, however, that these kits are usually made of cheap plastic with no UV protection.
Although the price is cheap, they have a full guarantee for a short period of time, and the estimated life of the product is only 10 years.
AquaQuik solar pro solar HeaterAmazon Price: $179.
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