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Difficulty in Bathrooms

by:KingKonree     2020-07-13
People inflicted with physical disability must not lose heart. Though it is very difficult, they must try and regain normalcy in their life. There are many assisting devices developed now-a-days to help them to lead a normal life. Making some changes in the household is also necessary to be able to cope with it. One such aspect needing attention is the bathroom. It must be remodelled to accommodate for the use of wheelchairs users and immobile people easily , meaning the doors, the showers, sinks and mirrors, all have to be remade, shifted and changed accordingly. Sometimes, the whole bath may have to be re-built. Are you Affected ? Are you immobile, do you have problems with getting around your bathroom, well there are solutions. Here are a few that you could benefit from. You may think that because you are in a wheelchair you are unable to have a bath, well that is not true. Walk in Bath tubs have now been invented, this is where the bath tub has a door that opens and closes behind you. The installation of these tubs are fairly easy, but fitters will usually come out and do this job for you. This type of option is also available in showers. Doors, seats and rails are available to purchase. Design You may think that mobility equipment is the boring old white colour , but you will be surprised , your are able to purchase the equipment in your choice of design and colour you desire. Measurements always Measure the room your planning to fit your disabled equipment , there is nothing worse than buying the facilities you need and it no fitting. wheelchair users require at least 60 inches movement t of space to move more freely around the bathroom and an average measurement for a disabled bath and shower is 36 x 36. Types of Aids In a Bathroom Choosing the right aids for an immobile persons bathroom can be difficult especially if you don't take the time to get the right information. There are a wide range of aids for the bathroom available today, but not all may be right for you , convenient or useful. Here are a few basic bathroom aids that are used by handicapped most often. A Lift for the Bathtub It can be very dangerous for someone immobile to get in and out of the bathtub. You can make a tub safer by adding a portable bathtub lift , these can be used for a handicapped and removed when some with full mobility wishes to use the bath. Basic but Handy. An elevated toilet seat This is often used by the elderly and disabled people, there are a wide range of different types. The one that is used the most is the ones that fit on top of a conventional seat , again you can remove this. I hope i have helped you with some of the queries you may have had prior to reading my article , if you still have unanswered questions do no hesitate in asking a manufacturer or even popping to a local support group for the disabled.
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