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Does artificial marble have radiation? Is artificial marble countertops good?

by:KingKonree     2021-05-03

It is said that as long as it is stone, there must be some more or less radiation. Artificial marble is no exception, but this kind of radiation is very small and does not affect the human body. However, if you buy low-quality artificial marble, that may not be the case.

The hazards of artificial marble

The main raw material for the consumption of artificial stone is petroleum derivatives, but with the international market The rapid increase in oil prices (especially domestic oil prices only rise but not fall) has caused the consumption cost of artificial stone to rise. In order to reduce costs, some artificial stone consumers use inferior raw materials in the process of artificial stone consumption, use harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, and moreover, directly participate in organic solvents and use heavy metals such as lead or cadmium. Inferior inorganic pigments, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the production cost and pursuing profit.

At present, there are quite a few artificial slates in the market that contain excessive amounts of benzene, formaldehyde, lead, organic acids and other harmful substances. One common feature of this type of slabs is the pungent chemical odor (especially The peculiar smell is greater during the processing), and the color is unnatural chemical color. This inferior artificial stone plate containing formaldehyde and benzene will emit a pungent smell during cutting. After the plate is produced and processed by the forming device, there will still be excess residue. Quantity of formaldehyde and benzene: Formaldehyde and benzene will volatilize discontinuously within 3-5 years. The volatilization of benzene and formaldehyde and heavy metals will directly pollute the food in the mouth. This harmful substance not only passes through the human respiratory system but also can Directly into the digestive system, the level and speed of the poison are more obvious.

How big is the radiation of marble

How much is the radiation of natural marble? How deep is the harm of natural marble? People's discussion on this issue has become more and more intense. In the environment in which we live, radiation is ubiquitous. Televisions, computers, and refrigerators all have radiation, and water and air are no exception. However, they are all trace amounts and are harmless to the human body. The harm of natural marble lies in the amount of radiation. As long as it does not exceed the national standard, the radioactive hazard of natural marble is very low and low, and it is not harmful to the human body, so everyone must see whether it meets the national standard when buying natural marble.

How harmful is artificial marble? Generally speaking, artificial marble does not have radiation, but some of the chemical compounds in it are harmful to the human body, and have low hardness, which is afraid of scratching, hot, and coloring. Generally used for indoor floor and wall decoration.

Methods to reduce marble radiation

1. Keep the place where marble is used to keep ventilation to reduce harm.

2. Find out the radioactivity and harmful gas indicators of marble when buying to prevent counterfeiting.

3. Place some plants, purify the air, and prevent radiation. For example, cactus, green dill, spider plant, etc.

How to choose high-quality artificial marble

1. Check certification: For a product, first check whether it has ISO quality System certification, quality inspection reports, etc., which can prevent yourself from being deceived in the first step.

2. Eyes: Generally good quality artificial marble has a relatively pure surface color, and no small pores will appear on the back of the plate.

3. Touch by hand: The surface of high-quality artificial marble will have a very obvious silky feel, and the surface is very smooth, but not inferior.

Fourth, nose smell: Inferior artificial marble will have a very obvious pungent chemical odor, while high-quality artificial marble will not.

5. Nail scratching: I believe many people have tried this method. This is indeed a more effective method. If you scratch high-quality artificial marble with your nails, there will be no obvious scratches.

Sixth, knock each other: you can choose two pieces of marble in the line, and then knock each other, if it is easy to break, then it is of inferior quality, if not, it proves that the quality is better.

The harm of using inferior artificial marble is huge, and it will cause great harm to the human body in the long run. Therefore, choosing the right marble is also the main issue that the decoration industry pays attention to.

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