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Does quartz stone seep? Is it a hazard?

by:KingKonree     2021-04-12

   There are many cabinet materials on the market now, and after a long time of use, there will always be some problems. So what should we do? Now let's talk about whether the quartz stone will seep. Is it a hazard?

   There are two kinds of quartz stone on the market in terms of production process, one is die-casting plate and the other is casting plate. Die-casting plate, as the name suggests, is processed through a series of procedures such as high temperature, high pressure, and high vibration. Because of the manufacturing process, its hardness and specific gravity are relatively high. Impermeability, crack resistance, heat resistance, and scratch resistance are all very good. The production process of the cast plate is improved from the original artificial stone production process. The raw materials are directly poured into the mold and vacuumed after stirring. It has not been subjected to high temperature, high pressure, and high shock, and its density and hardness are relatively low. Impermeability, crack resistance, heat resistance, and scratch resistance are relatively poor. Consumers who want to distinguish between cast plate and die-cast plate can start from the following aspects:

  1. Hardness, the hardness of the cast plate is lower than 4, and the hardness of the die-cast plate is equal to or higher than Grade 5, Zhongxun quartz stone whose hardness is higher than Grade 5.

  2, specific gravity (also called relative density, the ratio of the density of the substance to the density of pure H2O (999.972 kg/m3) at standard atmospheric pressure and 3.98℃), the specific gravity of the cast plate is less than 2 , Zhongxun die-casting plate has a specific gravity greater than 2.3, which fully meets the die-casting standards.

  3, environmental protection performance, the casting plate is naturally solidified at room temperature, without any treatment, the residual chemical substances in the plate pose a hazard to the human body. The die-casting board is cured by OT curing and high temperature acceleration, and all the chemical components left in the board are processed at high temperature, which is an absolutely environmentally friendly surface material. Therefore, Zhongxun die-casting plate has always won the trust of consumers for its environmental protection.

  4. Appearance, the particles of the casting plate are larger, and the particle distribution is uneven, and the back side is obviously less than the front side. The particles of the die-cast plate are uniform and evenly distributed.

  Problems on the countertop

  1. There are cracks. There are three reasons for the cracks on the countertop:

  a, the quality of the countertop plate is poor

  b, users do not care and use it incorrectly

  c, the problem of the processing and installation of the countertop

  2, the countertop The splicing seam is obvious, and the glossiness of the countertops on both sides of the splicing seam is gone, and the color is gray and dark. The reason is that the splicing method and polishing method of the processing master are incorrect.

  The method to solve the above problems and the requirements of the processing and installation process

  1. The first reason for the cracks is the poor quality of the countertop. As mentioned above, there are not many here. said.

  2, users do not care and use it incorrectly. To avoid local heating of the countertop, do not put the hot pot directly on the countertop, and there must be an insulation pad between the hot pot and the countertop. If there are oil stains such as soy sauce, oil, vinegar, etc. on the countertop, it should be wiped off as soon as possible, as it will bleed over time. Some countertop distributors will say to customers: their countertops do not bleed, it is all fooling people. At present, the domestic quartz stone countertops will bleed if they have not been specially treated, but the good-quality countertops have less bleed, which is not easy to detect, and the poor-quality countertops bleed obviously. People should not stand on the countertop or be partially pressured by heavy objects, and do not wipe the dirt on the countertop with a cleaning ball, which will damage the gloss of the countertop.

  3. The processing and installation technology and requirements of the countertop

  a, the domestic countertop processing technology is generally compared with the south The north is more refined, and the south's splicing technology can completely seamlessly splice the white countertops. The craftsmanship in the north is rough and not very particular about details.

  b. Before installing the countertop, the cabinet must be leveled. The master who installs the countertop must not be sloppy, otherwise there will be cracks under the countertop and cracks in the rear water retaining part.

  After reading the above article introduction, I hope it will help you in your life.

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