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Domestic bathroom brands integrate resources to meet challenges

by:KingKonree     2021-05-17

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the specificity of the bathroom has been fully reflected, and the three major pieces of toilet, bathroom cabinet, shower room or bathtub have been widely popularized. At the same time, the bathroom will be added with squatting troughs according to needs. , Urinals, bidet toilets and other sanitary ware, the application of sanitary ware products has shown a rapid growth trend.

According to the Yubo Zhiye Market Research Center, no matter how the market changes, sanitary ware companies must first have confidence and a mentality of 'pay first, pay backThere is no return in time, but if you stick to it, there will be gains. The company's anti-risk ability will be enhanced, and the brand strength will be improved.

With the progress of society, people have higher and higher requirements for bathroom hardware. The basic functions of the bathroom tend to be perfect. The functions of bath, toilet and toilet have been combined in various forms. Toilets, Bathroom cabinets and bathtubs have penetrated into thousands of households, and shower rooms have also begun to enter the market one after another, and the overall market is showing a trend of rapid development.

After early development, many high-end sanitary ware companies have become more mature with the continuous development of the industry. In the process of continuously expanding their operating area and expanding capital, they use market pressure as the driving force for internal resource integration to make themselves The strength is stronger, and the overall strength is getting stronger. However, small and medium-sized sanitary ware companies with relatively small capital, scale, etc., are facing increasing pressure from all aspects and can only struggle in the cracks, and some sanitary ware companies are eventually eliminated.

More analysis of the home appliance industry

The development of an enterprise must have a strategic vision. Don't indulge in past achievements, and don't stick to the old methods. The Internet era has brought new methods and platforms to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of sanitary wares, and it also allows consumers to understand enterprises and products faster and more conveniently. The previous practices are invalid. Sanitary ware companies must keep pace with the times, constantly innovate and change, constantly deny themselves, subvert themselves, do not pursue short-term interests, do basic work, practice internal skills, let today's efforts become the foundation of tomorrow, and don't let today's success Become a stumbling block for tomorrow.

At present, the development of sanitary ware has entered a new normal. This new normal has two manifestations. One is that there is not much benefit in the sanitary ware industry, and the other is that the sanitary ware industry will definitely have a big impact on some enterprises. When a crisis occurs, this state of development lasts for 3 to 5 years in the short term, and about 10 years in the long term. Companies will feel that it is getting harder and harder to make money, and industry competition is becoming more intense. Under this state of development, sanitary ware companies should not have any illusions next year. Naive thoughts.

In recent years, the real estate industry has flourished and the concept of a better home life has been infiltrated. The sanitary ware industry has ushered in an out-and-out spring. However, at the beginning of its development, the industry was chaotic. Unstable factors have been restricting the development of the sanitary ware industry. Now the sanitary ware industry has gradually entered a period of stable development, with increasing demand, especially the further expansion of high-end market demand. Domestic and foreign sanitary ware companies have all moved to the Chinese market and the market is grabbing. The war is about to start.

Overseas companies flock to it

In recent years, domestic sanitary ware exhibitions have continued to welcome the olive branch thrown by sanitary ware companies from all over the world. The relevant data at major sanitary ware exhibitions show that overseas The number of exhibitors has increased significantly. In addition to exhibitors from developed countries in the furniture industry such as Italy, France, and Japan, there are also pavilions from Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It can be said that many foreign brands are optimistic about the Chinese sanitary ware market.

With the large-scale entry of foreign brands, the channel structure of China's sanitary ware industry is also quietly changing. In the first-tier cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, many home furnishing stores have opened imported home furnishing pavilions, and many imported sanitary ware brands have opened independent flagship stores during the same period. In addition to the increase in the proportion of imported sanitary ware in first-tier cities, the current furniture market in second-tier cities is also quietly changing. According to industry insiders, some stores have established imported sanitary ware as their core competitiveness and operating characteristics to meet the demand for high-end imported sanitary ware consumption by customers in villas and high-end luxury houses.

From the forecast report on the development prospects of China's boutique bathroom industry, we understand that the current status of the domestic bathroom industry is a 'big industry' and 'small businessThe larger the number of enterprises, the more scattered marketing resources and Ru0026D resources, and the industry cannot form a unified competitiveness. Industry

Insiders believe that in this fragmented state, import and export sanitary ware companies should choose to unite, integrate their respective advantages, and face the offensive of major foreign brands, so as to obtain an advantageous development position. Because the sanitary ware industry has been eliminated and baptized by the country, the industrial structure has basically taken shape. Each industrial cluster has ordinary enterprises and stronger enterprises. In this case, strong alliances, integration of superior resources, and 'groups' enter professional platforms. These companies can develop better and faster.

The bright market prospects of the sanitary ware industry will inevitably lead to fierce market competition, but enterprises must pay attention to complying with industry rules while facing challenges to avoid unfair competition. [Follow the WeChat public account 'Jiuzheng Sanitary Ware Network'; follow the surprise, scan the code to view 'A dunning letter from a talented salesman in China, it has fired the entire business circle!'! Jiuzheng Sanitary Ware Network Exchange Group: 106480952 】

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