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dos and don\'ts of colouring your hair at home, as told by experts

by:KingKonree     2020-02-28
I like to dye my hair. as a stingy ghost, I always do it myself.
I have dyed so many colors in the last 15 years and I really don\'t know what my natural shadow is.
I have experienced great successes and disasters.
It was supposed to be bright green in blue and dark blue in black.
I \'ve learned some tips to prevent staining and get results I like, but I \'ve never really looked into the risks.
My latest unreliable dye work is tied (
Trying to hide it from professionals)
I went to ask some hairdressers about the precautions and precautions for dyeing hair.
I also spoke to a dermatologist about our risk of spraying chemicals on our scalp.
The color of my favorite hair is wrong --
Mix and match the total flushing of different colors on my sad, damaged follicles.
I didn\'t think about what color was underneath my hair, so a lot of this random color creation came from me.
Don\'t be frustrated: Understand your consumer rights to prevent (or deal with)a hair-
Bill in the salon
Chelsea de Mayne has been working in the hairdressing industry for 17 years and owns and runs a salon in Hobart.
She says people come to her when they get the wrong result at home.
\"A lot of people think they can change from blonde to brown in an instant,\" she said . \".
\"But most of the time, if you don\'t know the color wheel at home and don\'t know the potential pigment of different colors, the hair will turn green.
The salon is usually painted with a \"fill\" color, which is like a primer, and then they are painted with the final color the customer wants.
Block Gardner is from Hobart.
Barber and salon owner.
A common problem with household hair dyes, he said, is that they are painted in the same color at the root and at the end of the already dyed hair.
\"Whether you are a virgin or a pre-release
\"The color that is present on the hair, largely determines what you will get, which people don\'t understand,\" he said . \".
Salon dyes usually apply different dyes to the roots.
The staining ends to obtain a consistent overall color.
Get the Best newsletter in ABC\'s life every week: protect your face!
The bathroom where you make your own hair is messy.
Some of the foam dyes I \'ve tried will become very runny.
It is important to prepare your bathroom and yourself in advance.
Do you want to do the hair patch test when dyeing hair?
Most DIY instructions say test hair dye on a few strands of hair and a small piece of skin.
This is to see what color it will actually make your hair and see if you have a reaction.
Dermatologist Rosemary Nixon says it is very important to be careful with patch testing because you may be allergic to yourself.
\"It is well known that coloring chemicals helps to cause allergies,\" Dr. Nixon said . \".
The more chemicals you come into contact with hair dye, the more likely you are to react.
She said that you can test by applying a little dye to your skin, leaving it only when the instructions say leave it on your scalp.
\"Then you have to wait 48 hours because these reactions are usually delayed,\" she said . \".
Do not use dyes if you have a rash or measles.
If you start to have itchy throat or difficulty breathing, ask for medical help.
MS de Mayne said that when she was a teenager, she often dyed her hair at home, which was not good for her mother\'s bathroom.
\"I used to be blue --
\"The black and my mom\'s ceramic pots have just been destroyed,\" she said . \".
\"It can be taken out without bleach.
\"Put down the old towel or newspaper to catch the dripping water and wear only the clothes you don\'t care about.
Apply a thick layer of cream on your face, ears and neck (
I used a very cheap moisturizer.
Vaseline is a good choice). Wear gloves!
It can help protect your skin from unnecessary risks
We will discuss it later.
Once you have dye in your hair, clean up any stains on your face, ears, and neck, and clean up the dye dropped on the bench.
Apply toothpaste (
Something white, not something gel)
Stains on hair dye help to remove stains. (
I always use this cleaning technique to get my connection back. )
Don\'t: Let the dye open longer than recommended. In order to get a more energetic result, it is recommended that you put the dye on your head for a longer time than the box says.
This is risky because it means that chemicals will stay longer on your skin and increase the risk of reaction.
MS De Main said that if the customer starts to react, she will keep antigroup agents for them in her salon.
\"Even if one day you are not allergic to color and are the same dye, you may be allergic to it again,\" she said . \".
Although this is rare, it may have an allergic reaction to hair dye and may kill you if not treated immediately.
Mr. Gardner suggested calling the hotline as instructed by the family dye to discuss your plan and said
The permanent is safer.
\"If you\'re going to do things at home . . . . . . They will be easier to handle if you do make a mistake.
\"Do: be careful to play chemistry Rosemary Nixon is an associate professor and dermatologist at the Melbourne Skin and Cancer Foundation.
People are allergic to hair dye, she said.
\"I have seen a lot of allergic reactions to hair dye that are very serious and come up very quickly, but they are usually delayed rather than allergic reactions,\" she said . \".
Chemicals commonly found in permanent hair dyes, such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, can cause scalp burns if the residue is too long or mixed too strongly.
For black women, the decision to wear hair naturally is more than just for beauty and vanity.
However, the main chemical that causes allergy is p-methamine (PPD)
The color is darker.
Dr. Nixon said that most of the clients who came to her had no response on the scalp, because the scalp was thick and hard, which could make it difficult for them to figure out exactly what was going on.
\"Normally, this reaction occurs on the edge of the scalp, especially on the face and eyelids [or neck],\" she says.
Dr. Nixon said the dermatologist\'s \"classic performance\" was an older male with contact dermatitis on his face and neck because he was reluctant to admit to using hair dye.
Men use dyes to cover gray beards and beards, and often use dyes more often, covering more skin, which can cause problems faster than people dye hair from time to time.
If you start to react to hair dyes, natural henna dyes may be a safer alternative, but check the ingredients to make sure that no PPD is hidden in the mixture, Drnixon said
Don\'t: turn your hair into jelly most people know that bleach is a strong chemical and you don\'t want to use it for a long time on your skin.
Curls and dyes when dyeing your own hair, it\'s hard to make sure you get the color you want, and it\'s even more tricky if your hair is curly.
MS De Main, an expert in curly hair, says curly hair needs to be slightly different from straight hair, especially if you\'re looking for pop music that\'s bright or bright.
She said: \"If the color on the curls is too thin . . . . . . It can be completely fused together, either disappear, or it looks different in texture from straight hair . \".
Curly hair is usually drier than straight hair, MS De Main says, if you are excessive
Handle a dye that can completely destroy your curly hair.
If you have curly hair and are looking for a hairdresser, she recommends asking them about the experience of curly hair before committing and letting it spread over your hair.
But with the aisle of a gold dye bag on your supermarket shelves, it\'s tempting to try a new platinum style.
The risk of being lighter is excessive and will actually ruin your hair. \"[Your hair]
It can turn into jelly, which is really bad, \"MS De Main.
\"It just breaks down the line.
\"You need to be able to check the elasticity of the hair when it is processed.
\"Ms De Main said that when your hair turns bright in the salon, they should check the hair regularly to see if it stretches --
It\'s good not to stretch.
\"If it stretches a lot and does not return to normal shape, then you go too far and the hair breaks and becomes jelly at this time.
\"Bleached hair also needs some color correction with toner and may need to go where you want it several times, so it\'s usually safer to pay someone else to do it.
DO: get everything ready and make it all bad MS De Main said she never judged a customer who came to her to help fix the bad DIY dye.
Let\'s go back to the basics of good skin care.
\"Everyone at some stage has tried it at home,\" she said . \".
\"The main thing to look at is the security of things.
\"Her and my suggestion is that you can accept the idea that it doesn\'t work if you want to try something --go for it.
Do exactly as indicated on the box and have fun.
Maybe make sure someone is at home if you have a reaction.
But if your hair is your pride and joy, and the idea of shaving your head makes you cry, then you \'d better leave it all to professionals.
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