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Double Eleven Bathroom Half Price Folding Bathtub Purchase Guide

by:KingKonree     2021-05-18

B2C platforms such as Taobao and other B2C platforms have not had the hottest double eleven 'half price' promotional activities, and sanitary products are naturally a hot category. Especially in the current situation where the sales of folding bathtubs continue to be hot, in the face of more and more consumers’ attention, how to make everyone find 'real gold' among the many folding bathtub products is indeed worthy of making up their homework before buying. .

There is no doubt that the importance of bathroom in home decoration is self-evident. Especially for modern consumers, the choice of sanitary products is no longer constrained by traditional concepts. They prefer products that can meet their own pursuit of quality life, and are more environmentally friendly, more convenient and more affordable. Therefore, it is not surprising that the foldable bathtub, which is inexpensive, versatile, and free from space constraints, immediately set off a new fashion storm in the sanitary ware field.

Only under the temptation of business opportunities and interests, foldable bathtubs of various brands have sprung up in the market. Among these products, the quality varies from good to bad, and there are also many merchants who fool consumers just to take a ride. If consumers choose carelessly, not only will they not be able to experience the convenience and enjoyment of the foldable bathtub, but they may also cause unnecessary troubles due to product defects. Therefore, in order to help consumers have a clearer understanding of high-quality folding bathtubs and avoid falling into the trap set by lawbreakers, we will compare the quality of folding bathtubs so that everyone can use them as a guide for purchase. .

NO.1 Comparison of materials

The high-quality folding bathtub body is made of real nano-grade waterproof cloth, which feels dense and smooth, and it is not possible for low-grade products in contact with the skin. Comparable comfort. Moreover, the fabric itself has thermal insulation, and the high-grade environmentally-friendly thermal insulation lining in the interlayer can achieve a dual temperature control effect, so it can easily achieve a thermal insulation capacity of more than 45 minutes. Low-grade products are difficult to reach this level because of the low-grade materials. In addition, the application of the stainless steel bracket also makes the high-quality folding bathtub anti-rust, stable, resistant to deformation and strong bearing capacity. The low-end products have the risk of collapse. In general, the selection of high-quality folding bathtubs is more durable, more comfortable and more reliable.

NO.2 Process comparison

The high-quality folding bathtub has excellent technology content, the fabric is sewn tightly and regularly, the strength is super high, and the thread will not open even if it is pulled. The sewing of low-grade products is rough and loose, which belongs to the sewing method of general clothing manufacturing. On the core element bracket, the stainless steel bracket of the high-quality folding bathtub is tightly and firmly connected, and the vertical and horizontal connections, corners, and club heads are all equipped with high-strength plastic for beautiful design, and they are tightly integrated and not easy to shake by hand. In addition, the retractable rod is designed with bumper beads, which is convenient and also improves the stability. The low-end products often use electroplating brackets as shoddy ones. In some designs, it is also suspected to be suitable. This is easy to find by careful observation.

NO.3 Function comparison

Multiple functions have always been the characteristics of folding bathtubs. The reasonable design makes the folding process of high-quality folding bathtubs extremely smooth and free, which only takes one or two minutes. In this way, both storage and drying are very convenient. The design defects of low-end products may even cause problems such as failure to connect, stretching and jamming. In addition, the high-quality folding bathtub is designed with fine dimensions and is ergonomic. When users enjoy steam sauna, magnetic massage and other functions (equipped with a multi-function sauna steam machine), it is an extremely pleasant moment.

NO.4 Comparison of details

High-quality folding bathtubs generally have their own patent brand logo, which can be checked on related websites. The low-end products are mostly counterfeit products. In terms of appearance, even the pattern designs of high-end products are created by highly-paid designers. They have a strong artistic flavor, so people can know the three-dimensional aesthetics at a glance.

NO.5 Price comparison

In order to attract consumers, low-end products are cheaper than high-quality folding bathtubs. Generally speaking, the current good folding bathtubs cost 500 to 800 yuan. It is a fairly reasonable interval. In the event of promotional activities (such as the upcoming 'Double Eleven'), consumers can still enjoy lower price concessions, so it is very exciting.

Combining the above five points, in addition to the already influential leader in the field of foldable bathtubs, Futteberg can have it, other brands still need to continue to improve their soft and hard capabilities to gain consumer recognition. After all, folding bathtubs are still an emerging product in the sanitary ware market, but they give consumers more choices of products, and the room for improvement is undoubtedly huge. Consumers have their own judgments.

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