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Dream wash basin

by:KingKonree     2020-04-20

Speaking of the wash basin, you may think that the wash basin has something to say, usually wash your hands and wash your face, just to appreciate your handsome and beautiful face (in the mirror), who will pay attention to the plain wash basin, indeed so. But in the designer's bathroom world, the wash basin is also a work of art, they can change the various materials into different styles of the sink, do not believe you.

Concise, a little bit of a playful sink, a strong sense of presence.

Who are you with him or her?

A little concave can store water, and a little can store things, God.

A bowl, exquisite, elegant, girls will like it.

More masculine, there are wood, free and easy.

The above-mentioned sinks are all artificial stone washbasins produced by Golandi.

There are other styling sinks that are very creative.

It looks like a design that has broken a lot of big holes.

Terrain simulation maps, geographers should all want one.

Which of the two is hiding the drain pipe!

Is it like a water surface that is cut by a polar bear?

It looks like the water outlet of a test tube. Maybe scientists would like it?

Colourful spherical wash basin.

It looks like someone has knocked over the paint!

Fish tanks and wash basins, creative and beautiful inventions.

This graphic comes from the design of WeChat!

Turn the ball above to change the water temperature, and the color will change!

Digging a hole in the stone can also turn into a wash basin.

Wood can also be made into a wash basin!

Another wooden wash basin.

Simple design, but never stress.

Amethyst can also be used as a wash basin, but guess it should be difficult to clean.

These wash basins are too bad, where is the faucet pinched?

The above transfer from design

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