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Dubai Double Tree-By-Hilton

Project:  Solid Surface Bathtub In Dubai Double Tree Hilton 

Project Description:

Customer: Dubai Double Tree By Hilton, one of best hotels in Dubai

Product:  Solid surface bathtub

Material: Acrylic solid surface / Gel-coat stone resin

Application:Fitful for bathroom either in hotel or house etc.


  1. KKR's solid surafce bathtub is popular in the market for its humanized smoothness and comfortableness for all kinds of humanbeing structure & skin;

  2. Made from high-end solid surface sheet, and concurrently applied with advanced technology, the bathtub is featured with high durability and stability, it has perfect joint so that water will not permeate to the ground;

  3. It is easy to remove stains left by users, and it could be tailored in match with bathroom's size, style like hotel which gratifies user's taste.

Installation Instruction: 

Step1: Installer need to build a base then choose a right size tub to put it on base.

Step 2: Afterwards, install faucet and bathtub handrail, the whole bathtub's installation is nailed.

The bathtub for Hilton Double tree is a landmark project for KKR, fascinated with its elegant design and smooth lines, customers from Double Tree Hilton lie in the bathtub to loosen body and mind.

Thanks to Bathtubs from KKR, they enhances Double Tree By Hilton's customers experience to some extents.

KKR is a general artificial stone manufacturer in China,which is a world leading company in solid surface, quartz stone,fabrication and baths.

More details about KKR, follow this link.