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[DuPont kitchen countertop] How about DuPont kitchen countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-05-06

   Kitchen countertops play a very important role in the decoration of the kitchen. Everyone who chooses kitchen countertops must have heard of DuPont kitchen countertops. Then, how about DuPont kitchen countertops, let's take a look.

How about   DuPont kitchen countertops

   There are four series of DuPont countertops, including DuPont Corian countertops, DuPont Star Rose countertops, DuPont Nordic impression countertops, DuPont Monterey countertops. Of course, there is a certain gap in the nature of each type of countertop. Now I will briefly introduce these four countertops for you.

   DuPont Corian countertops are the first countertops manufactured. They are mainly made of natural minerals, methyl methacrylate, and processed together with an appropriate amount of pigments. Because of their good impermeability , So it has good anti-fouling and anti-bacterial ability, and is often used to make cabinet countertops and handwashing countertops.

   DuPont Star Rose countertop is made of thermoplastic monomer and thermo-intrinsic organic resin. It is a healthy, non-toxic and harmless product with strong thermal flexibility. , Flexibility, impact resistance, stability, color permeability, etc., and its texture is more gentle.

  DuPont Nordic Impression Countertop is a product that has obtained the international environmental protection mark certification. It can be seen that its harm to the human body is almost zero, so it is widely used in places with large populations. , Such as school classrooms, etc., this will not affect the health of the students, and will not harm their physical and mental development.

  DuPont Monterey countertop is currently one of the most popular countertops in China. It is a decorative material with high quality and rich colors. It is currently the most widely used countertop material. It can not only be used for interior decoration, It can also be used for outdoor decoration, no matter what kind of decoration it can give people a noble and high-end visual impact.

  Which material is better for the overall kitchen countertop?

  The overall kitchen countertop material 1: stainless steel countertop. Durable and easy to clean. However, the single color of stainless steel countertops makes you feel uncomfortable, not warm, and lacks the warmth of the family. At present, it is no longer popular under the popular home atmosphere that emphasizes individuality and advocates returning to nature.

  The overall kitchen countertop material 2: natural marble, granite countertops. They have natural textures and are more beautiful, but natural stone has pores and is easy to accumulate grease, and natural marble is very brittle, and it is impossible to make countertops with a width of more than 1 meter. The countertops made of natural stone will have seams, and these seams are also easy to contain dirt and affect hygiene.

  The overall kitchen countertop material three: fireproof board countertop. The base material of the fireproof board is MDF, and the finish is fireproof board, and the thickness is generally 4 mm. Colorful and diverse, fire-proof, moisture-proof, oil-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, easy to clean. However, the quality of the internal matrix affects the service life of the fireproof board.

  Knowledge of purchasing countertops

  1. Countertops are classified according to the above-mentioned materials, and there are domestic and imported points, so the price has a certain range. The price of quartz stone is generally higher than that of artificial stone. Buyers try their best to choose according to their appearance requirements, usage habits, and consumption level.

  2. Pay special attention to the scratch-resistant performance of the countertop. Artificial stone is easier to scratch than quartz stone.

  3. In terms of appearance, man-made can be seamlessly connected, while quartz stone cannot. Buyers should consider the shape of their cabinets accordingly.

Quotation of   U.S. DuPont artificial stone

  DuPont Monterey artificial stone

  Reference price: 680.00

  DuPont Monterey artificial stone-artificial stone Window sill

  Reference price: 226.00

  DuPont Monterey cabinet countertop

  Reference price: 680.00

  -DuPont artificial stone-Montelili House stone series

  Reference price: 500.00

  DuPont Monterey Milan stone kitchen countertop

  Reference price: 680.00

  DuPont Monterey man-made Stone sink-2

  Reference price: 780.00

  DuPont artificial stone-Monterey Milano stone engineering countertop

  Reference price: 680.00

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