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elegant wash areas

by:KingKonree     2020-03-16
The wash area is no longer a place away from the main living space of the family.
The changing times and trends make them luxurious.
They are also used to display decorations.
After dinner activities are no longer just washing hands in a boring washbasin in a corner, but a whole new experience.
Many families have a bath basin on the wall or in the corner of the restaurant.
This is the best chance to decorate it into a compact washing area so that it becomes an accessory for the restaurant.
The main use of the accessory wash area in the washing machine is a wash basin large enough with a faucet.
There is no ordinary white washbasin, and there are many colors such as Magenta, blue, Sapphire, ivory, black and burgundy.
Choose an air conditioner suitable for the overall decoration of the room.
Pots, taps and waves installed at the back are not replaced frequently.
Choose quality products and accessories for long-term use.
The faucet can be made of steel, brass or metal and comes with gold or silver plating.
These can be selected depending on individual selection, budget and inconsistency with other accessories.
The combination of ceramic wall tiles with the color of the basin helps to keep moisture and also presents a neat and tidy look. A gold-
Gold-plated faucets and a colorful wall brick for the Burgundy wine wash basin create a visual effect.
The napkin ring or towel rack is a must, and it is convenient enough to use it after cleaning.
Should be placed properly so that the napkin is not wet whenever the tap is used.
Some washbasin models have a steel ring on the bottom to hold the napkin.
Cotton towels can be kept for daily use.
Occasionally, however, a neat, color-coordinated towel can offer a luxurious look.
Choose a good mirror
Large enough to reflect the face and neck of an ordinary person and in proportion to the size of the washbasin.
Mirrors Without oval or round sharp edges look more interesting.
Artistic styling and unusual styling mirrors can be customized or bought from a store.
Keeping the MAT 1 feet below helps keep the floor dry.
Use durable, easy to clean every day, and use a better look on special occasions.
However, there is no need for foot mats if the floor is paved with carpet.
Lighting plays a vital role in beautifying the space.
Downlight or white light can be provided.
The wash area should be lit with three or four powerful bulbs to produce a chandelier effect.
Alternatively, they can be covered with beautiful domes to create a warm atmosphere.
Another accessory that can be both decorative and decorative is a soap dispenser and a soap dish.
If space allows, you can place the potted plant in a transparent thin vaseor on the edge of the mirror to show the garden-like look.
Below is a cabinet with glossy handles that can be used to store Lynn and extra soap.
If you have a wide counter, you can also put the scented candle holder or rose petals in a small urn for this special effect.
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